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Pipe relining supplies and drain lining


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Pipe relining products

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Pipe relining supplies and drain lining

  1. 1. RSM - Pipe Relining Suppliers<br />AtRSMweunderstandourclientsexpect to receivemuch morewhen dealing with a supplier, consequentlywe provideourcustomers withthe wholepackage. We provideexcellent service and support, withhigh qualitysolutionsatcompetitive and aggressiveprices on all pipe relining products.<br /> <br />RSMcertainly are asupplierand service provider whichcommitsitselftocustomer care and satisfaction, andprovidingan expertservice toourclientele. Well knownforourfirst classserviceas well asourone tooneinteractionswithourclientsRSMis among themost competitivevendorsin the United Kingdom.<br />
  2. 2. Drain Liner<br />
  3. 3. INTERNATIONALSITE<br /> <br />In reactionto ourexpandingnumber ofpipe reliningcustomersall over the worldyou willnowdiscover thatthe websiteas well aspricingcan be purchased indifferentforeign currencies.<br /> <br />We havecarried this outin responseto ourclientspreferencesas weunderstand itassists youthrough the elimination oftheuncertaintyofcurrencyvariances,enabling you toquoteforwork withthe advantage ofknowing thepreciseexpense ofyourmaterials and components.<br />
  4. 4. Pipe Relining Products<br />
  5. 5. DELIVERYINFORMATION<br /> <br />Allpurchases of pipe relining productsin theUKmainlandover the stated amount on our website excludingvatareshippedfree of charge, where acustomerrequiresthe goodsthe followingdayor even thesame daywe willonlychargethe extracosttous.<br /> <br />Alldeliverychargesforoverseasshipmentsarechargedatcostprice.<br />
  6. 6. PRICES<br /> <br />You will findyou are able to viewpricesin eitherUKSterling, AustralianDollarsorEurowhile usingforeign currencydropdownat theheadof thewebsite,or by using thepriceboxonevery individualproduct. AllpricesexcludeVAT. TheVATtotalwill be validatedthroughout thecheckoutprocess.<br />
  7. 7. QUALITY & SERVICE<br /> <br />RSM hasconstructeditsbusiness basedonqualityandservice. Weadditionallyaim toanswerthe telephoneinthreeringsorless. The person whoanswersthe phonewill takeyour orderif you would like, whilstif you need tospeak toa particularpersonweneverplay musicwhile you areonhold. Eachcustomerisassignedan employeeof RSM willwho willbe in constant contact withyouto make certain thatyou neverrun out ofmaterials.<br />
  8. 8. At RSM we recognise that our customers expect more from their supplier, therefore we offer our customers the complete package. Great service with quality products at competitive prices.<br />RSM are a supplier that commits itself to customer care and delivering a professional service to our clients. Renowned for our first class service and our one to one relationships with all of our customers RSM is one of the most competitive suppliers in the UK.<br />