Electronic Billing Promotions


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convert your paper bill customers to electronic billing. No cost promotions increase the conversion rate and save the planet

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Electronic Billing Promotions

  1. 1. Save the Planet One Tree at a Time Enroll today in paperless billing PAPERLESS BILLING PROMOTION Save the Planet One Tree at a Time
  2. 2. Increase Paperless Billing EnrollmentIncrease Paperless Billing Enrollment On-line promotions offer an exciting, high-value, low- t l ticost solution • Customers  directed to the paperless billing enrollment page to  participate in the promotion. • Customers required to enroll in paperless billing, in order to receive the  promotion reward.  • Provide measurable ROI
  3. 3. Paperless Billing PromotionPaperless Billing Promotion • Web Based Promotion – Customer who in enroll in paperless billing will receive an on‐line digital  entertainment reward. – Digital entertainment rewards – Plant a Tree, Music Downloads, Audiobook g , , Downloads, Custom Electronic Skins, Digital Photo Prints, or On‐Line  Sweepstakes Entry. • Promotion Advantages – Easy to execute – directions / code are emailed to enrolling customers. – Turnkey – One stop for your digital rewards, fulfillment, and program  management. •• Everyone is a Winner!Everyone is a Winner! –– Lower cost of billing Lower cost of billing  C tC t All ti i t d dAll ti i t d d–– Customers Customers –– All participants rewarded.All participants rewarded. –– Environment Environment –– Lower natural resource consumption.Lower natural resource consumption.
  4. 4. Digital Entertainment RewardsDigital Entertainment Rewards • Plant-a-Tree – A tree will be planted in the enrollee’s honor in a USA  reforestation program.  Customer receives electronic certificate acknowledging p g g g their contribution. • Music Download Cards – Customers select from 3.5+ million songs for  their iPod / digital player or ringtones for their cell phone. • Audiobook Download Cards – Customers select from 75,000 books  for their iPod, digital player, or cell phone. • Custom Electronic Skins – Customers create their own design (byCustom Electronic Skins Customers create their own design (by  uploading a picture or utilizing the on‐line design tools) for a custom look to their  iPod, cell phone, or laptop.  Skins are custom printed, cut to fit the contours of  each device, and shipped to the customer. O Li S t k C d l l• On-Line Sweepstakes Cards – Prize pool tailored to maximize  customer excitement, based on target demographics and promotion budget. • Personalized Luggage Tags – Customers upload their photo and  contact information Two luggage tags (with straps) are custom printed with the Your Logo contact information. Two luggage tags (with straps) are custom printed, with the  brand’s logo and then mailed to the customer. • Digital Photo Card – Customers upload their digital photos and enter  their shipping information. Their digital photos (4”x6” glossy prints) aretheir shipping information. Their digital photos (4 x6  glossy prints) are  professionally  printed and mailed to the customer.
  5. 5. Execution – Paperless Billing Promotion • Promote paperless billing option and the digital entertainment promotion to cardholders via statement stuffers email and p g promotion to cardholders via statement stuffers, email, and website callout. • The Offer – Help protect the environment by enrolling in l billi d ill i FREE di it lpaperless billing and you will receive a FREE digital entertainment card.
  6. 6. Promotion Execution ‐ Enrollment • Cardholders are directed to the paperless Promotion Execution  Enrollment billing enrollment web page. • Add call out promoting the paperless billing promotion. Enroll today in paperless billingEnroll today in paperless billing and receive the Laptop Skin of your choice. Choose from over 1,000 images. $30 Retail Value
  7. 7. Delivering the Customers RewardDelivering the Customers Reward • Digital entertainment code can be delivered via a custom i t d ift d ilprinted gift card or email. – Custom printed gift card • 4-color process front. • Unique code and brand’s web address is printed on the back • Size and thickness of traditional gift card • Printed on recycled plastic C b l ti d i id i k ti t i l• Can be glue-tipped inside accompanying marketing materials.
  8. 8. Promotion Execution – Reward DeliveryPromotion Execution  Reward Delivery  – Email Delivery • Instant gratification. • Environmentally friendly • Unique code and web address is printed in the email • Economical … no printing, no postage Thank you for your recent enrollment in paperless billing. Please follow these directions to redeem your Laptop Skin. Number of Laptop Skins: 1 Coupon Code - 3771651067 Coupon Code Expires:12-31-09 Redeeming your Laptop Skin credit is easy; simply follow these instructions: Step 1: Log onto www.skin.comwww.skin.com Step 2: Enter your Coupon Code Step 3: Select your laptop model from the device list. Step 4. Select the Laptop Skin design of your choice or create your own design. Step 5. Add the selected skin to the cart and “Check Out”. St 5 Fill t ili dd fStep 5. Fill out mailing address form. Step 6: Click on “Submit” and your Laptop Skin will be delivered to you. Need Help? Visit our “Help” section for more details Customer Service: 1-866-853-9793 Customer Service: http://http://support.Skincomsupport.Skincom
  9. 9. Collect customer data / information  for future marketing purposes C t b i d t• Customers can be required to complete a survey / registration page or view a video, in order to select their digital entertainmentselect their digital entertainment. • Company determines the questions / data fields. • Data belongs to the company exclusively. • Data is provided viap electronic file.
  10. 10. Reward the Consumer – Plant‐a‐TreeReward the Consumer  Plant a Tree • Customer goes on line and completes the tree donation i t tiregistration page. • A tree will be planted in the enrollee’s honor in a USA reforestation program. • Customer receives electronic certificate acknowledging their contribution.
  11. 11. Reward the Consumer ‐ Music  D l dDownloads • Customer choice of either  music downloads or cellular  ringtones • All MP3 Library – same  format as iTunes • 3.5+ Million songs ‐ all labels  and thousands of  independent artistsindependent artists • No Software or Music Player  download required • Live Customer Service • Latino Music Store ‐ available
  12. 12. Reward the Consumer ‐ Audiobook  Downloads  75,000+ Titles
  13. 13. Reward the Consumer ‐ Custom  SkiSkins  Your Logo Your Logo
  14. 14. Reward the Consumer – Personalized Luggage TagsPersonalized Luggage Tags
  15. 15. Reward the Consumer – Digital Photo  PrintsPrints Custom Printed  Promotional Card Customer Redeems  On‐Line 4” x 6” Glossy Prints  Mailed to Customer Option – Add a  Custom Survey Customer Uploads  Photos y
  16. 16. Reward the Consumer ‐ On‐Line  SweepstakesSweepstakes  • Customers must complete the i t ti / t fi d t th iregistration / survey, to find out the prize they have won. – Customize the registration fields to capture data for future marketing initiatives. • Combine with any of the digital rewardy g products or a unique prize pool. – Mix in iPods, Gift Cards, or a Trip to add excitement and increase customer participation. • Everyone is a winner!
  17. 17. On‐Line Sweepstakes – Case StudyOn Line Sweepstakes  Case Study
  18. 18. Geico Go Green CampaignGeico Go Green Campaign • The Geico contest featured two tests – one was a 100,000 piece sampling and one was a 1MM piece samplingsampling, and one was a 1MM piece sampling. • Geico had a desire to change the habits of many of their customers who still receive mailed monthly statements These were customerswho still receive mailed monthly statements. These were customers that had not reacted to any previous “Stop the waste” or “Go Green” campaigns that Geico had tried. • The solution was to print a simple buck slip with a unique seven digit entry number that was inserted in a single monthly statement of 100,000 Geico customers. The buck slip enticed the customer to go online here the o ld ha e a chance to pla and in $10 000go online where they would have a chance to play and win $10,000. The first play was free … additional plays called for the customer to sign-up for certain Geico online advantages.
  19. 19. Geico ‐ ResultsGeico  Results • The first advantage was to stop mailed monthly statements and receive online reports 24% of the mailed buck slips were redeemed with 50% ofonline reports. 24% of the mailed buck slips were redeemed, with 50% of those choosing to accept the online statements for a second chance at winning. Third and forth opt-in’s were redeemed as well but at a lower rate. • The contest was produced a second time for a million customers. The redemption rate for those opting for online statements was 10.5%. Given h h d i ff d il 12that the cost to produce, print, stuff and mail 12 statements a year was roughly $6.50 per customer, 117,000 conversations had a cost savings to Geico of $760,500 per year !