The Enchanted Loom reviews Leonard Shlain's book, Leonardo's Brain


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Leornardo DaVinci was one of the world's greatest Renaissance Men. In addition to being a consummate artist, cartographer, physiologist and geographer, Leonardo was a neuroscientist before such a field existed. In this book, neuroscientist and surgeon Leonard Shlain looks at the brain of Leonardo through the body of work he managed to produce and comes up with some remarkable insights.

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The Enchanted Loom reviews Leonard Shlain's book, Leonardo's Brain

  1. 1. The Enchanted Loom Teasing sturdy threads from neuroscience masterworks
  2. 2. Teasing 10 threads from Leonard Shlain’s …
  3. 3. Thread 1: “The artist is the antenna of the race.” ~ Ezra Pound (pg. viii)
  4. 4. Thread 2: Every ancient culture worshipped goddesses. Then Judaism, Islam and Christianity, founded on a sacred alphabet book, denied the existence of goddesses. (pg. xiii)
  5. 5. Thread 3: Neurons that fire together, wire together. Neurons that fail to link, fail to sync. (pg. 10)
  6. 6. Thread 4: Most people unconsciously know that the right side of their face is best to present to the outside world. The left side is more a reflection of who they really are. (pg. 51)
  7. 7. Thread 5: “As soon as we start putting our thoughts into words and sentences everything gets distorted, language is just no damn good. I use it because I have to, but I don’t put any trust in it.” (pg. 67)
  8. 8. Thread 6: “Often we have to get away from speech in order to think clearly.” (pg. 85)
  9. 9. Thread 7: Think of the right and left hemispheres as Siamese Twins joined at the corpus callosum. In the process of generating a major creative insight, a dis- connect must occur between thetwo halves. This is called “hemispheric bisociation.” (pg. 92)
  10. 10. Thread 8: One theory: the corpus callosum integrates information from each hemisphere, functioning as a third brain, producing some- thing qualitatively different from what each side generates individually. (pg. 93)
  11. 11. Thread 9: “In women, the measurements of the corpus callosum, measured as a whole, or for specific measurements of any seven subdivisions of the callosum, are larger.” (pg. 1611)
  12. 12. Thread 10: A heightened alertness, a burst of energy, and an increased clarity of thought are common to both fear and creativity. (pg. 97)
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