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The Enchanted Loom reviews Kathleen Dowling Singh's book, The Grace in Aging


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It actually is possible to age with grace, and to accomplish it in spite of the well-documented challenges that growing older inevitably brings.

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The Enchanted Loom reviews Kathleen Dowling Singh's book, The Grace in Aging

  1. 1. The Enchanted Loom Teasing sturdy threads from neuroscience masterworks
  2. 2. Teasing 10 threads from Kathleen Dowling Singh’s …
  3. 3. Thread 1: The Grace in Aging speaks to those who have been stirred in this lifetime by the wish to awaken, to live in more sane, more kind, and more peace- ful minds, to live in a more deeply- sensed connection to the sacred. (pg. 2)
  4. 4. Thread 2: Most of the time, we engage in denial, defensiveness, and contractive reactivity. These habits are ones of tightening and limiting. They simmer in the low- level anxiety of the self. (pg. 22)
  5. 5. Thread 3: In spiritual practice the ego comes to be recognized with no more denial, as an unreliable refuge. It is delusional of us to think of ego as a hiding place. (pg. 58)
  6. 6. Thread 4: For all the men and women of our genera- tion who were coaxed to grab it all for our- selves because we’re worth it, the generosity of harmlessness is a new star on the horizon. (pg. 108)
  7. 7. Thread 5: Intention. Attention. Ease. Joy. Curiosity. We line them up as a child would line up presents. These are our presents. When we begin using these gifts wisely, we end up with the fresh immaculate wonder of a child. (pg. 73)
  8. 8. Thread 6: With The Grace of Aging we can begin living in “the bliss of blamelessness.” (pg. 86)
  9. 9. Thread 7: The eight worldly concerns, the traps that keep us enmeshed in reactivity, are loss & gain, pleasure & pain, fame & shame, praise & blame. These are eight good places to begin looking for grace. (pg. 116)
  10. 10. Thread 8: It’s time to do some pruning. We prune in accordance with wis- dom and intention. Pruning unmindful- ness, mindfulness grows. Pruning, we keep what is essential. We allow for new growth. We allow for beauty.(pg. 118)
  11. 11. Thread 9: Unused insights, unused gifts of spirit and spiritual practice, dissipate. They’re often elusive, subtle flashes to begin with. Apply- ing them clarifies them, allows us to embody our realizations. Apply- ing them, we create new neural pathways, new habits. (pg. 196)
  12. 12. Thread 10: The commitment to awaken is simply to return to the commitment to awaken over and over (and over). (pg. 207)
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