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The Enchanted Loom reviews Gabor and Daniel Mate's Book, The Myth of Normal.pdf

  1. The Enchanted Loom Teasing sturdy threads from neuroscience masterworks
  2. Teasing 10 threads from Gabor & Daniel Maté ’s … é
  3. Thread 1: Once we resolve to see clearly how things are, the process of healing – a word that at its root means “returning to wholeness” – can begin. (pg. 11)
  4. Thread 2: Someone without the marks of trauma would be an outlier in our society. (pg. 20)
  5. Thread 3: “Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering.” (pg. 21)
  6. Thread 4: Response Flexibility: the ability to choose how we address life’s inevitable ups and downs, its disappointments, triumphs and challenges. (pg. 29)
  7. Thread 5: “So much of what makes people well or not is not coming from within themselves, its coming from their circumstances.” (pg. 59)
  8. Thread 6: Poverty has been called a neurotoxin. (pg. 326)
  9. Thread 7: Mental illness has a story, and in that story you’re the only one who has no power. (pg. 236)
  10. Thread 8: While similar in some ways, pleasure and happiness run on different neurochemical fuels: pleasure employs dopamine and opiates, both of which operate in short-term bursts, while contentment is based on the more steady, slow-release serotonin apparatus. (pg. 298)
  11. Thread 9: The contemporary phrase emotional labor does a great job of conveying the job-like nature of stress-inducing, externally imposed roles. (pg. 337)
  12. Thread 10: In a society that capitalizes on people’s sense of inadequacy, the most prevalent self-limiting story is bound to be “I am not worth it.” (pg. 422)
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