Fiveplus Sales Mastery Workshop


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The Fiveplus Sales Mastery Training Program is a powerful mix of face-to-face workshops, online learning, one-on-one coaching sessions and continuous, personalised support. It’s innovative, engaging and most importantly - results driven!

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Fiveplus Sales Mastery Workshop

  1. 1. The Fiveplus Sales Mastery Training Program is the natural choice for people wanting to realise their full potential as business professionals and sales superstars Rapid development of the key skills needed to cement your position as a respected salesprofessional is not difficult when you use our tested and proven fast-track learning strategies A world fir!
  2. 2. “I found the  Fiveplus Training tobe fast-paced, highly innovative,dynamic, exciting and practical.The greatest training program Ihave ever been on!” CEO, Make It Cheaper
  3. 3. The Fiveplus Sales Mastery Training Program is a powerful mix of face-to-face workshops, online learning, one-on-one coaching sessions and continuous, personalised support. By using the metaphor of the fastest growing sport on the planet - Texas Hold’em Poker - to support the practical skills development sessions, the Program delivers the perfect balance of core skills theory and practical application The program uses time tested and proven techniques to ensure your sales skills development is rapid and effective The program comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  4. 4. 96% 95% 94% Applicable Relevant EngagingWas " poker metaphor...
  5. 5. The number of Fiveplus Sales MasteryProgram Graduates who would withouthesitation highly recommend the program toother sales and business professionals 97%
  6. 6. THEWORKSHOPA 2 day intensive training program that guarantees you have the necessary skills,knowledge and strategies to effortlessly leverage your powers of selling
  7. 7. You will come away having learnt... The essential skills that make a world class sales person How to build a constant stream of clients and revenue How to influence your customers buying behaviour Communication skills that will boost sales immediately The habits and routines of the world’s sales experts How to analyse the emotional content of any communication The most important factor in building a relationship To instinctively know how to respond using sales mastery tools we teach you $e benefits to y%
  8. 8. ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY How your subconscious mind rules your life Your client’s mental processes The building blocks of a resilient and unstoppable mindset GOAL SETTING AND GOAL ACHIEVEMENT Why popular goal setting rituals are a waste of time Getting crystal clarity on what you really want The 3-non negotiable rules of successDay 1 BUILDING RAPPORT AND TRUST Instant rapport by design - not by accident The triad of trust - the 3 essentials to building relationships PERSONAL BRANDING, IMAGE AND CREDIBILITY First impressions count - make yours unforgettable Presenting a confident and credible image VALUE PROPOSITION AND ELEVATOR PITCH Make your offer so compelling it is the obvious choice The lost art of selling you - individual and unique PREPARING TO ENGAGE THE CLIENT Researching and understanding your client Your mindset and preparation are the keys
  9. 9. PROSPECTING Finding the right leads Qualifying your leads Converting leads into prospects QUESTIONS Identifying the different type of questions Mastering the use of questions DEALING WITH CLIENTS AND STAFFDay 2 Explaining your position and needs with power Knowing how to lead the conversation and maintain control Strategies for overcoming any objection OBJECTION HANDLING Communication strategy for overcoming any objection BUILDING RESILIENCE TO STRESS Learn the resilience builders that will support you in reducing stress Turning stress triggers into motivators USING YOUR SKILLS - SUSTAINED SUCCESS PRINCIPLES Staying on track Self assessment tools PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Be seen, Be heard, Be understood Your new vision of mastery
  10. 10. “Its unlike any other seminar Ihave been to before. It’sdefinitely helpful and entertaining.In fact, it’s outstanding! I highlyrecommend it.” Sales Director, Trace Personnel
  11. 11. THEACADEMYFollowing the 2-day workshop, a 5-week online learning program that gives youa step by step approach to achieve your sales success through extensiveresources, assessments, sales target tracking and feedback
  12. 12. Online training Access to cutting edge sales resources The development of your skills gap “blueprint” A competitive and highly engaging sales emporium And...we will track your sales success every step of the wayEach delegate receives personal login ID to the training server, and over a 5-week period, is provided with advanced methods of learning support, as well as an exciting incentive-based training program.
  13. 13. YOURINVESTMENTAn investment in yourself that will guarantee the development of the necessary skills,knowledge and strategies to effortlessly leverage your powers of communication
  14. 14. FIVEPLUS MASTERY SALES TRAINING PROGRAM2 Day face-to-face sales training program includes: Comprehensive training manual $1,500 Special Offer $1,495 Strategic selling tools and take-a-ways oONLINE SALES TRAINING PROGRAM $2,0005-Week online training program includes: Extensive sales resources Full skills assessment Success tracking 24-hour support o That’s right...3 months of innovative, high impact, result2 ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS $500 driven training for ONLY Embedding the newly mastered sales techniques $1,495 Coaching individual sales challenges o Total $4,000Y%r Investment 7605205076085
  15. 15. The Fiveplus absolutely NO risk to you guaranteeHaving witnessed countless times the transformation people experience when shown exactly how todevelop and apply the 5+ skills, We have absolutely no hesitation in offering the following guarantee:If at afternoon tea on the first day of the Workshop you can honestly tell us the Workshop is noteverything we have promised, you have not learned any valuable new skills and you cannot see anyapplication for your business, we will refund your Workshop fee in full.Simple as that.  No questions asked!
  16. 16. The number of Fiveplus Mastery ProgramGraduates who felt they have learntextensive sales and communication skillsfrom the program 92%
  17. 17. Mark Bernberg Mark is an international speaker and sales trainer. He has helped thousands of people achieve their goals and sales targets. After a successful career in private banking in the UK, Mark founded a sales training company based in South Africa. After working with nearly 300 corporate clients in South Africa, he sold the business to a large South African consultancy firm and moved to Australia in 2009. Mark quickly established and promoted the Fiveplus Group – an innovative sales, communications and leadership consulting firm. His clients have included Sage, PWC, BMW, Investec, Perpetual and Anglo American to name a few.