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Fleet Management Solutions is the leading systems software provider of Fleet Management Services and

Training Solutions to organizations and companies operating in developing and post-conflict countries. We

offer fast, reliable and user-friendly systems that will help your business to perform better and gain profit.

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Fleet management-solutions

  1. 1. SEO REPORT 05-31-2012 Website Analysis forwww.fleet-management-solutions.net AuroIN, LLC 1370 Broadway 5th Floor New York NY, 10018 w: www.auroin.com e: ashima@auroin.com
  2. 2. Website Analysis forwww.fleet-management-solutions.netTechnical Factors
  3. 3. HOW DOESSEO FACTORS IMPORTANCE VALUE YOUR SITE ACTION (Why?) (If any) (if any) SCORE The higher the number of pages indexed byPages indexed You can always add more quality pages on Google, better the 14 NOT GOODby Google a regular basis. ranking in Search Engines.
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  5. 5. Website Analysis forwww.fleet-management-solutions.netOn Page Factors
  6. 6. HOW DOES IMPORTANCE VALUE ACTION FACTORS YOUR SITE (Why?) (If any) (if any) SCORE Validating Web documents is an important step whichHTML Try to fix all these errors to maintain the can help in improving and 21 Errors OKValidation quality of the web site. ensuring the quality of your site.
  7. 7. HOW DOES IMPORTANCE VALUE ACTION FACTORS YOUR SITE (Why?) (If any) (if any) SCORE Need more in-bound links to make thePage Rank Higher the PR, more the 2 NOT GOOD site an attractive link prospect. Link(PR) trust of visitors. Building will help. Cashe dated It supports deep Update your site regularly by addingCache on 26 May NOT GOOD crawling of your site. static pages on it. 2012
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  9. 9. Website Analysis forwww.fleet-management-solutions.netOff Page Factors
  10. 10. HOW DOES IMPORTANCE VALUE ACTION FACTORS YOUR SITE (Why?) (If any) (if any) SCORE Greater number of quality Need to improve linkBack Links back links boost your site’s Google – 0 NOT GOOD popularity in Google. Link ranking. building will help.
  11. 11. HOW DOES IMPORTANCE VALUE ACTION FACTORS YOUR SITE (Why?) (If any) (if any) SCORE DMOZ is by far the mostDmoz listing Not found NOT GOOD Get a listing with DMOZ on authoritative site. priority basis.Top social Start the social book-marking Good for getting directbookmark Not found NOT GOOD promotion in top social traffic.listing bookmarking sites.
  12. 12. Website Analysis for www.fleet-management-solutions.netCompetitors Ranking
  13. 13. KEYWORDS CURRENT RANKING SEARCH ENGINE GLOBAL MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUMEFleet Tracking Not found in top 100 Google 2,900 visits per month SystemWere you aware that the keyword "Fleet Tracking System" can generate “2,900” visitors per month if you were on top 3 of Google search. It’s not too late, AuroIN can get you on the first page of Google.
  14. 14. Website Analysis for www.fleet-management-solutions.netHow AuroIN can help with Natural SearchEngine Rankings: There are 3 stages to the process: 1. Agree to the list of keywords2. Make some changes to the existing website3. Start an inbound link building and SMO campaign
  15. 15. Website Analysis for www.fleet-management-solutions.net Testimonial Client Acknowledgement Company While we have been working together for only 3 weeks, Satish we are already impressed with AuroINs diligent process, Menon team responsiveness, task orientation and the overall(agiliron. focus on results. The weekly reports that captures and com) summarizes all the activities conducted and the tracking of progress to the initial baseline has been excellent. "In company Goolets LTD we have tried several SEO companies and the results were not bad, but the costs were very high. When we received the offer from company AuroIN, low prices and big promises made us very sceptic at the start. However their professional Mitja approach and presentation of their company convinced Goolets us to try them out and see what will happen. And this(goolets. was one of the best decisions we have taken when it com) comes to marketing. In around 3 months time the page got very high for the selected keywords and the number of our inquires and the visits on our page jumped significantly. The traffic on the page has grown for 300%. AuroIN is a team of professionals, who truly is making great results for very reasonable amount of money." More testimonial: http://www.auroin.com/auroin-reviews
  16. 16. Website Analysis for www.fleet-management-solutions.net SEO Prices and Deliverable SEO-Plans Working Hours/Month Price/Month Business Builder 160 $1500 Market Maker 320 $3000 Webmaster 480 $4400 King Maker 640 $5800 Business Chancellor 800 $7200 Fortune Former 1600 $14400 More on pricing: http://www.auroin.com/seo-pricingSample SEO reports: http://www.auroin.com/sample-seo-reports 
  17. 17. Website Analysis for www.fleet-management-solutions.netFor more information about this report and to discuss further, please contact ashima@auroin.com