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  1. 1. IMC Mergers & AcquisitionsIMC is a global partnering organization of We Support clients with requirements on both sides of the equation:entrepreneurial “like-minded” independentbusiness advisors and consultants with proven Buyer SIdetrack records, who are united by a commitment to + Investment groups seeking portfolio opportunities.delivering exceptional value to its clients. + Corporations searching acquisition opportunities. + Businesses with a defined acquisition strategy.A core team within IMC provides extensiveexperience and know-how to support clients Seller SIdedevelop and complete corporate transactions in + Businesses seeking additional funding. Growth, distressed,areas such as mergers, acquisitions, company expansion.sales and other corporate finance related topics. + Businesses for sale / equity deals.Managers are frequently accustomed cycle with services ranging from their capability to demonstrate “theto high risk decisions however, strategic development and developing right soft factors” that will build onthe economics of many corporate opportunities through to transaction the approach and synergy with IMC’stransactions are very different with flow and on-going corporate clients.higher stakes and Smaller prizes. Such development.transactions are strategic tools that As independent experts our partnersrequire a well-developed strategic As independent advisors our partners have proven track records inapproach. knowledge provides an invaluable and successfully delivering outstanding unrivalled insight in developing services results. As an organisation, we areHigh percentages of deals do not aimed at delivering exceptional results dedicated to leveraging the embeddedsucceed, and frequently during across all phases of the corporate value of IMC to provide a real differenceconclusive phases where longer term development cycle. This insight and to our clients.strategies have not been fully developed collective experience is key to theand / or correctly embedded at all levels success of the services provided byin the organisation. IMC.IMC’s M&A advisors are ideally placed Key to our success is that our partnersto provide tactical and operational are individually invited to the IMCsupport at every level and at every organisation on the basis of not onlyphase of the corporate development their demonstrable experience, but also
  2. 2. IMC Mergers & Acquisitions Services Strategic Planning Deal Management + Validating and Developing firm + Price, transaction structure. foundations. + Negotiation strategy + Developing a clear strategy and and Bidding Contests. strategic approach. + Preparation & process + Timing. optimisation. + Considered Targets and + Integration planning – Hard opportunities. Factors and Soft Factors. + Objectives and Alternatives. + Management information flow. + Potential market developments. Opportunity Development Corporate development + Investment Financing resources. + Appropriates checks. + Understanding the market. + Cultural Differences. + Understanding business models. + Customers. + Synergies for long term growth. + Core Business. + Confidentiality & Due Diligence. + Corporate alignment. Integration Management + Communication. + Retention & Coaching. + Leadership & people development. + Change management. + Hidden costs – Distraction and Learning. To learn more about IMC’s Mergers & Acquisition Capabilities contact: or visit www.imc-consultancy.comIMC - Integral Management Consultancy International6954 Bigorio‐Sala (Lugano) Switzerlandp: +41 91 930 09 25www.imc‐ I info@imc‐consultancy.comOffices: On every continent and in all major cities.