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Create Your Tribe with Voxer


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What if you could build a small group of experts or like-minded people who answer your questions or respond to your rants 24/7. Mark Barnes explains how he "Voxes" his way to success with his own expert groups with one simple, free web and mobile application. Learn how to build your tribes and start communicating with them immediately for improved personal and professional growth. Listen to Mark Barnes explain at

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Create Your Tribe with Voxer

  1. 1. Voxer is available for your iOS or Android device from your App store.
  2. 2. Teachers using Voxer for feedback should consider the Pro version.
  3. 3. Teachers might use the web version of Voxer, much like TodaysMeet, creating a classroom chat that can be managed from the web.
  4. 4. Easily add people to groups and share recorded voice, text message or pics. Pro users can have students create free accounts and add them to class groups or to an entire roster—up to 500 people.
  5. 5. Create a group chat on an Android device
  6. 6. Teachers Throwing Out Grades Voxer Group Email me or Vox me at markbarnes19 to join
  7. 7. Use gear icon to manage members and for other options
  8. 8. Manage contacts, chats, profile, and notes here.
  9. 9. Add pictures
  10. 10. Notes are excellent for reminders, ideas, grocery lists, etc. Plus, like any single Vox, they can easily be shared to the web and with other contacts, using the “share” icon.
  11. 11. Share any single note or Vox in many ways.
  12. 12. Charlie Gleek provides recorded narrative feedback for a student on Voxer.