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  • Junk Yard

    1. 1. Junk Yard Project Sheila Graham. Pd 2. Mrs. Maines Class
    2. 2. Disavantages on solar powered cars. The sun cannot power the car directly some conversion must happen between the sun and the wheels. The solar powered car cannot operate for a long period of time at night. Also during a cloudy day the speed must reduce consideraly for a long distance.
    3. 3. More Disavantages Very diffuse source means low energy production large numbers of Solar panels and ( large land areas) are useful amounts of heat or electricity. Only areas of the world with lots of sunlight are suitable power generation.
    4. 4. Advantages on Solar powered cars. It produces no hamrful emissons on the air when it’s running. No pollution Inexhaustible fuel source. Versitile is used for powering items as diverse as solar cars and Satelites.
    5. 5. Disadvantages on deisil Fuel Vehicles Disadvantage on using produced form agriculture involves with additional land produced from land use as the land area is also
    6. 6. 5 Reasons why people buy sport utility vehicles. Reason 5. They need a combination of pulling compacity and passanger seating. Reason 4 - the feel an SUV is safer because it is larger and heavier built. Reason 3 - They want the cargo compacity and feel that the SUV holds more than station wagon, ( the cargo area of an SUV may indeed ne taller but in many instanceis not as long as that of a station wagon.
    7. 7. 2 More Reasons Reason 2 - They want a vehicle that will get them around better in the snow. Reason 1- They want the offroadong capabilites . ( in many sport utility vehicles do not dowell in true offroading conditions)/
    8. 8. How many miles can the Think City car go. 65 miles per hour And a driving range of 120 miles.
    9. 9. Why do people buy Hybrid Cars Whether their cause is protecting the environment or reducing U.S dependence of foreighn oilfor many people who want to purchase cars that reflect their beleifs. Not supriseingly steep gas prices have led many drivers to think outside the traditional gas powered boxed when it comes to transportation.
    10. 10. Why do we buy Hydrid Cars Tax credits that went into effect in 2008 gives the credit hybrid buyers an even deal than tax deduction it replaced.
    11. 11. Resources www.edmuds.com/advice/hybridcars/articles/ 109421/article. www.hybridcars.com/vehicle/thnk-city.html