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Conscious Media-Making 101


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This introductory presentation explores what is conscious media and conscious media-making, what are some of the different potential forms of conscious media-making, and how different states and stages of consciousness effect the media-making process. We also explore how these structures of consciousness within us are communicated between us, the works we create and the individuals and collectives that experience our works…and how this knowledge can be used to create deeper and more transformative media experiences for creators and viewers on the individual and collective levels.

Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. is an award-winning filmmaker, transdisciplinary artist and media psychologist and researcher. As an artist and media-maker Mark has been exploring conscious art and media since childhood, attempting to use these creative mediums to help himself transcend his own communication challenges of being a severe childhood stutterer and find his "voice" and use that voice to help raise the consciousness of himself, others and the world. He is considered by many to be one of the pioneers in the conscious and transpersonal media movements and is the world's leading researcher and theorist in the application of Integral Theory to the cinematic arts. & www.

Conscious Media Creators Network is a community-driven online media platform for visual storytellers dedicated to raising consciousness. Conscious Good launched the Creators’ Network as a place where conscious creators and audiences can connect. It’s a place to interact with fellow conscious media tribe members, share resources, ideas and support one another. Use the following link to join the network:

This talk was presented on Sunday February 24, 2019 between 12pm to 1:30pm PST on the Conscious Good Creators Network as part of their "Stream of Consciousness" speaker series.

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Conscious Media-Making 101

  1. 1. Conscious Media-Making 101 A Conscious Good Creators Network Course With Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D.
  2. 2. Course Overview What is Consciousness How Consciousness is Communicated Through Media How Consciousness Affects Media-Making What is Conscious Media-Making Forms of Conscious Media-Making Conscious Media-Making Practices Conscious Media Design
  3. 3. What is Consciousness Consciousness is like light in that it is multi-dimensional. Just as light is both particle and wave, consciousness has many different patterns of being. There are many maps or lenses we can use to look at consciousness and all them have something to tell us about consciousness itself, revealing its many different patterns of being.
  4. 4. Maps/Lenses of Consciousness LEVELS – Conscious, Pre-Conscious, Sub-Conscious, Unconscious STATES – Waking, Dreaming, Sleep, Witness, Non-Dual STAGES – Archaic, Magic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, Transpersonal PROCESSES – Streams, Fields, Arcs DIMENSIONS – Individual/Collective, Local/Non-Local TYPOLOGIES – Left/Right Brain; Three Brains; Normal/Altered States
  5. 5. Levels of Consciousness Higher-Consciousness Conscious Pre-Conscious Sub-Conscious Unconscious
  6. 6. Major States of Consciousness State Body/Energy Mystical Associations Brain Waves Non-Dual State Trans-Causal Unitive Mysticism Gamma Witness State Meta-Causal Integrative Mysticism Alpha Sleep State Causal Formless/Conceptual Mysticism Delta Dream State Subtle Deity/Archetypal Mysticism Theta Waking State Gross Nature Mysticism Beta There are many sub-states within these major states, including various types of psychological, emotional, spiritual and altered states.
  7. 7. Major Stages of Consciousness Stage (Worldview) Circle of Care & Concern Techno-Economic Base Transpersonal Trans-centric Trans-Tech/Trans-Human/Trans- Economic Integral Kosmo-centric Convergence; Global Stratified Meshworks Pluralistic Global-centric Informational; Decentralized Value Communities Rational Socio-centric Industrial; Corporate/Nation State Mythic Ethnocentric Agricultural; Authoritarian State Magical Egocentric Horticultural; Tribal Archaic Pre-Egoic Hunter-Gatherer; Nomadic Development occurs both vertically, from stage to stage, and horizontally, healing and growth within a stage.
  8. 8. States and Stages in Relationship Wilber-Combs Lattice For the Conscious Media- Maker it is important to remember that State experiences are translated through the lens of the viewer’s current stage of development.
  9. 9. Processes of Consciousness Now Now Now I ItYou Egocentric Ethno- centric Socio- centric Global- centric Streams of Consciousness (Being) Fields of Consciousness (Belonging) Arcs of Consciousness (Becoming)
  10. 10. Dimensions of Consciousness Collective (Non-Local) Collective (Local) Individual
  11. 11. Typologies of Consciousness 3-Brain Typology Left/Right Brain Typology
  12. 12. How Consciousness is Communicated through Media
  13. 13. Forms of Communication Media Visual Art Music Spoken Word • Storytelling Written Word Theater • Opera Photography Film and Video • Movies, TV • Online, Mobile Interactive • Video Games • New Media Immersive • VR/AR/MR
  14. 14. Communication Media Sensory Channels Each form of communication media uses select sensory channels through which to communicate. The more sensory channels a medium uses, the greater the potential impact because, the closer it gets to actual lived experience Interactivity/ Immersion Textual Visual Auditory Kinesthetic SpatialTemporal Olfactory Gustatory Visceral
  15. 15. How Consciousness is Communicated through Moving- Image-Based Media One of the unique qualities of moving-image-based media, including film, Video, Video Games, Multimedia and VR/AR/MR, is their similarities to how human beings imagine and dream. Because of this, this type of media has greater potential to penetrate us more deeply and profoundly.
  16. 16. MEDIA The Co-Evolution of Consciousness, Media, Culture and Society There is a great deal of qualitative and quantitative data that suggests a deep co- evolutionary relationship between consciousness, media, culture and society.
  17. 17. How Consciousness Affects Media- Making Projection/Identification Social Contagion Effect Group Field Resonance Local/Non-Local Resonance
  18. 18. Conscious Media-Making is media created with the intention of elevating, honoring, and transforming consciousness in some way, for both creators and receivers of the media-work. This includes… What is Conscious Media- Making? Transforming Consciousness Around an Issue, Situation or Idea Transforming the Consciousness of the Individual (Individual Change) Transforming the Consciousness of the Collective (Cultural/Social Change) Transforming Consciousness Itself (Evolutionary Growth and Development)
  19. 19. Forms of Conscious Media- Making Conscious Intention and Effort Personal Vision Quest The Holy Media Encounter Co-Creating with the Universe There are many different forms of Conscious Media-Making, including the following…
  20. 20. Conscious Media Practices Individual Consciousness Practices Media-Maker Consciousness Practices (Alignment of Creative Intention with Individual Reality) Collective Consciousness Practices Group Field Entrainment and Conscious Team- Building Practices (Alignment of Creative Intention with Collective Reality) Enactment Consciousness Practices Sanctification and Ritualization of Media- Making Processes, Procedures and Technologies (Alignment of Creative Intention with Material Reality)
  21. 21. Conscious Media DesignCreator Consciousness Intention Inception Text Image Sound Time Interactivity Receiver Consciousness By synchronizing creator consciousness and intention with the inception and creation processes of the textual, visual, auditory, temporal and interactive dimensions of the media-work one can produce powerful and transformative lived experiences for the receiver. By mapping the structures of consciousness embedded in a work we can design works that transform consciousness itself…
  22. 22. Structures of Media Consciousness
  23. 23. Qualifications and Data Sources This material is based on…  My over 40 years of experience as a conscious media artist and researcher;  My educational and professional art and media training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USC School of Cinematic Arts and the American Film Institute with mentor and masterclass training with masters in the field including Robert Wise, Alfred Hitchcock, King Vidor, Lestor Novros, George Lucas and Sam Shepard;  My educational and professional training in consciousness, transpersonal psychology and integral theory at Sofia University and Fielding Graduate University with mentor and masterclass training with leaders in the field including Ken Wilber and Charles Tart;  My years of applied research on the connection between consciousness and media at Interval Research Corp and William James Center for Consciousness Studies;  My over 30 years of personal and group consciousness training with consciousness teachers and masters from various traditions and cultures including the Shamanic, Judaic, Christian, Sufi, Yogic, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Aikido traditions along with various other esoteric and metaphysical traditions and systems;  And Data collected from numerous conscious media interventions, experiments and studies for the University of Chicago School of Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine, Sofia University, Transpersonal Institute, Esalen Institute, the American Film Institute and the University of Southern California; along with years of independent research through my Integral Cinema Project, sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society and Integral Institute.  Looking back on this journey I am in awe of how my life has given unfolded in a way to give me all the pieces I need to bring together and share this wisdom from so many different convergent streams and to contribute to our shared journey as humanity faces perhaps the greatest evolutionary leap of our existence.
  24. 24. Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. Conscious Good Creators Network February 24, 2019