Diversity of Thought at Aon - Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Aon


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Diversity of Thought at Aon - A guide to the importance of diversity and inclusion at Aon

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Diversity of Thought at Aon - Promoting Diversity and Inclusion at Aon

  1. 1. 14 
  2. 2. Aon’s growth and success in building the world’sleading professional services firm is directly correlated toour ability to attract, engage and retain highly talentedprofessionals. Increasingly, the talent we need and wantlooks different, has different beliefs and ideas, or grew upin a different culture than the people who have tradition-ally fueled our industry’sgrowth. To succeed in thisrapidly changing globalworkplace, it is notenough to recognizet ale nt . T hat is w hyAon has developed aDiversity & Inclusionstrategy that supportsour colleagues’ career Aon’s Women’s International Network moderates a roundtableaspirations through discussion at a conference hosted by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).development, mentoring, Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen and John van der Steen, pictured.and inclusion. Key to our success is the Global Diversity Advisory Boardthat identifies corporate goals and best practices, regionalChief Diversity Officers in the U.K.; Europe, the MiddleEast, and Africa; and Asia Pacific regions, and our localDiversity Councils and Business Network Groups. With theiron-the-ground leadership, we are able to tailor our talentand inclusion strategies to each locale. Ultimately, Aon’s Diversity strategy is fueled by our desireto Hire the Best, Build the Best, and Be the Best. Beloware examples of how we work to achieve this goal.   15
  3. 3. HIRE THE BESTAon is dedicated to seeking the best and brightest individuals to One of these, EXCELerate, is a program focused on devel-build our unmatched teams. To support this commitment, Aon oping and guiding the career paths of executive women aroundformed the Diversity Recruiting Task Force, which partners with the world. This inaugural, year-long class, which graduatedthe Local Diversity Councils and Business Networking Groups in December 2007, included 32 high potential women fromto attend events such as career fairs to locate and recruit high 13 countries. Key components of the program, led by Aonpotential talent. Consulting’s Talent Solutions, included executive sponsors, talent assessments, classroom education, and action learningStrategic Professional Partnerships projects.To identify experienced candidates from diverse backgrounds, In November 2007, Aon also launched an emerging leadersAon has developed strategic partnerships and affiliations with development program called Horizons, which is designed toorganizations such as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago accelerate the careers of an ethnically diverse group of employees(RIC), the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and the National through succession planning, mentoring, peer networking andAfrican American Insurance Association. assessments. Each year the Human Rights Campaign generates a Corporate Launched in 2006, the Apprenticeship Program supports anEquality Index report which rates employers on a scale from 0 overall strategy of finding and developing the best talent withto 100 percent on their treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and an understanding that on-the-job experience is the most suc-transgender employees, consumers and investors. In 2007, Aon cessful way to transition talent between industries and businessreceived the highest rating available – 100%. units. During this 12-month development program, participants aggressively learn Aon’s business and culture through on-the-job experience, a formalized training curriculum, mentoring and networking opportunities. “More employers need to follow Aon’s lead and stop overlooking the talent that lies within the disabled community.” –Michelle Lee, Corporate Treasury Similar to the Apprenticeship Program, the South African Learnership Program is a government initiative that focuses on cultivating skills in disadvantaged South African communities. Aon currently has 23 “learners” that are at various stages of the Learnership process. The first group will complete the program in June 2008. Another group is finishing up their academic qualifications before arriving in the work place to complete “Aon has broadened my horizons and my knowledge of insurance. their practical applications. The learners have been embraced I am very fortunate to be working here and happy because I am by Aon employees, who have actively provided guidance and doing something that I love.” – Palesa Seefane, Learnership program participant, Aon South Africa mentorship. On a local level, Aon’s Business Networking Groups (BNG’s) and Local Diversity Councils (LDC’s) focus on profes- sional development and creating inclusive teams, and addingBuild the Best client value.Although recruiting new talent is important to any robust diver- Current Business Networking Groups Include:sity or talent strategy, engaging and developing our existing African American Networking Groupworkforce is even more critical to our success. Through various Aon Asian Pacific Islander Groupprograms and events, Diversity & Inclusion provides opportuni- Age related (Aon INC, Y Aon, and the Age Diversity Group)ties for employee development, as well as venues for employees Aon Pride (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgenderedto leverage their talents to enhance our culture and provide Networking Group)value for our clients. Latino Networking Group Multi-cultural Networking GroupTalent Development Programs People with Disabilities Networking GroupDiversity & Inclusion has partnered with Aon’s Talent Women’s International Network (WIN)Development team to enhance Aon’s development opportuni- Working Parents Group (WPG)ties at all levels and to sponsor specific initiatives to strengthenthe pipeline of diverse talent. 16 
  4. 4. Be The Best In June of 2007, Women’s International Network sponsored a Aon’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives experienced tremendousbusiness breakfast for women in the insurance and risk industry growth in 2007, with an increase from six to nine formally rec-to discuss and debate what it takes to be a success in modern ognized Business Networking Groups, 74 total global Businessbusiness. The event, entitled, “Are Talented Women Getting Networking Group Chapters, 14 global Local Diversity CouncilAhead in the Risk World?” was held in London, and was the first chapters, and more than 25 Diversity & Inclusion sponsoredof a number of events for women in business – especially the events.insurance industry – to share experience and knowledge. As part of these efforts, Aon also launched Momentum In February 2008, The Asian Pacific Islander Networking Through Mentoring, a company-wide, on-line mentoringGroup, in partnership with the Local Diversity Councils, launched matching tool sponsored by Diversity & Inclusion. Through athe first in a series of webcasts aimed at increasing cultural series of webcast and live sessions, the group provided practicalawareness in countries with emerging markets like India, China tips and best practices for engaging in a mentoring relation-and Brazil. These web seminars were originally intended to ship. The African-American Networking Group led this initia-educate Aon colleagues on these cultures in an increasingly tive through a series of educational webcasts on the benefitsglobal economy, but the group is now leveraging future events of mentoring.as a value add for clients and prospects. In 2008, we will accelerate the global reach of our Diversity & Inclusion strategy with the launch of additional BusinessSupplier Diversity Networking Groups and Local Diversity Councils, new HorizonTo foster diversity among our business as well as our people, Aon and EXCELerate classes, a job shadowing initiative, and theimplemented the Supplier Diversity Program to provide diverse global roll out of our mentor matching program. We look for-suppliers equal access to purchasing and sourcing opportunities ward to contributing to Aon’s position as a destination of choicein the solicitation, evaluation, and awarding of bids for sourced for top talent worldwide.goods and services. The Strategic Diversity Supply Council waslaunched in 2007 to include women and minority owned bro-kerage firms in our diversity supply strategy. These partnershipsnot only aid our respective firms, they enhance our ability to “Aon I.n.c.’s mission is to providesupport the diversity supply initiatives of our clients. opportunities to build relationships, In addition, Aon launched a Partnership Council of minority/ enhance professional development andwomen owned brokerage firms (“M/WBE”) to serve as our advi- engage in community affairs.”sors in building a robust Strategic Supplier Diversity Program.The goal of the Council is to share knowledge and best practices, –Jason Southard,provide mentorship, and ensure a rewarding partnership that senior account specialist,delivers exceptional value to our clients. Affinity Insurance Services and Co- Chair of Aon I.n.c. The Los Angeles Chapters of the Latino Business Networking Group and the African American Business Networking Group partnered to host the 2nd Annual Career Networking Conference.   17