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Sgs ed may 2013 v2

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Sgs ed may 2013 v2

  1. 1. SGSCelebrating SuccessMay 2013South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
  2. 2. In this edition… Results from recent mini inspections Launching Functional Skills in 13/14 HR successfully launches new appraisal system Positive feedback from staff development Inspirational action research App of the month What’s next? Useful resources / links to websites Meet the teamWelcome message from the Teacher Development Team… (Click to listen)
  3. 3. Art and Design WISEFashion students were making excellent progress as part oftheir final major project. Learners were motivated and engagedat all times and spoke confidently and articulately about theirwork. The teacher offered good 121 support and stretched thelearners to problem solve. The overall standard of wasexcellent.Learners on the Foundation Degree were producing excellentwork including sculptures, silk screens and large canvasses. Allof the learners were able to critique their own work, drawinglinks to other artists that inspire them. Progress was very goodand engagement was high.Art and Design StroudLearners on the BTEC Diploma in Games Design were workingcollaboratively to produce 3D games of outstanding quality.Learners produced individual scores, created voiceovers andthen embedded these into dynamic content. The teacherpromoted independent critical thinking skills with learnersproducing and reviewing progress against Gant charts.Learners in Level (2) Art and Design were producing excellentquality work and were able to reflect critically on their progressto date. The teacher and 121 / ICSWs worked well together,supporting individual learning needs. Classroom managementwas good and a lively and enthusiastic teacher used theirsubject knowledge to inspire the learners.Mini InspectionsFour departments were inspected during the month of May, Art and Design (WISE and Stroud Campus), Performing Arts (WISE Campus) and Access to Learning (Stroud).As with previous inspections there was plenty to celebrate. Why not take the opportunity to read some of the observation feedback, highlighting how excellent teaching andlearning has a genuine impact upon learners. Full copies of the reports will be made available via SharePoint.Performing Arts (WISE)Some excellent planning and assessment for learning ensuredthat lessons were well personalised to meet the needs of alllearners. Up to date group and individual profiles allowed theteacher to tailor their delivery, creating an inclusive learningenvironment. Learner feedback was positive and reflected thevery good support being received through the tutorial system.Foundation LearningThis is an outstanding session. The teacher challengedlearners and checked understanding through individual, peerand group assessments. Questioning techniques wereexcellent, clear and to the point. Students understood theirtargets and were happy sharing them with the group. A rangeof resources were used to keep the students involved.Progress was rapid.Differentiated assessments allowed students to access arange of activities, ensuring all students were motivated andengaged. The ICSWs monitored individual work stations,allowing the teacher to help some students with their writtenwork. 3 learners were practicing their writing skills, 1 studenthad access to a lap top, 2 students prepared a salad andanother made hot drinks. Photographic evidence was used tosupport students to build their portfolios.A good level of questioning to check learning and also toencourage learners to think deeper.
  4. 4. Functional skills…The TDU launch the new Functional Skills Strategy for 2013As most of you will be aware the Government have made a big push to raise standards of literacy and numeracy. At SGS we willbe increasing our functional skills provision and consequently it is a perfect time to review the quality of our existing provision. TheTDU launched its new strategy on the 24thMay and will be working with teachers to ensure that we deliver outstanding FunctionalSkills in the 2013/14. It is a huge task and that is why several members of management have volunteered to take the lead,delivering both Maths and English.Staff development36 staff attended the first training session of the last development day. Staff completeda series of collaborative tasks that allowed them to share best practice and exchangeideas on how to improve their delivery in 13/14. Feedback has been very positive (clickhere for results). A similar session is being delivered at Stroud Campus on the 8thJuly.ResourcesIf you missed the training session and want to know a little more, then click on theimage below that will take you to the Prezi that was delivered on the day. If you areinterested in finding out more about staff training for functional skills, then or phone 01179 092333.What’s that coming over the hill..?It’s only the legend that is Johnny Ball. Johnny will be delivering 2bespoke seminars at Filton and WISE Campus on the 12thJuly andwill be setting the scene for the delivery of functional skills in 13/14.More information will follow shortly.
  5. 5. HR successfully launches a new appraisal systemAll managers have now gone through the new appraisal training and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. HOFs and HODs are now meeting with their teamsto explain the new process. On-line support is being offered via SharePoint, with helpful guides, tutorials and videos.A sample video can be accessed below. Beware of the Boss man!Click on the image to access. If you want to find out more about QR codes then contact a member of the TDUNew appraisal system
  6. 6. Staff developmentMay ’13 @Filton and WISE CampusStaff developmentThere were 17 sessions in total with nearly (400) attendances;themes included starter and plenary activities, classroommanagement and creative ways to assess your learners. Thesethemes were identified during the mini-inspections and thefeedback was excellent. Check out the video by clicking orscanning the QR code.Feedback was overwhelmingly positiveClick or scan the QR codes to access the videos
  7. 7. Action researchAction research:Since the beginning of the year the TDU has been promoting the virtues of action research. To date, 6 teachers have successfully putin applications and are busy finalising their results. Here is just a little taster below. If you are interested in completing a piece of actionresearch, whether on functional skills, innovative technologies and peer assessment, then please contact (Filton and WISE Campus) or (Stroud Campus)Conducted by: Helen WilliamsDepartment: Access 2 Learning (Stroud Campus)Some highlights…The girls really surprised me with their ability to make an informed choice eachweek about whether or not the i-pads would help them in their session. I wasconcerned if the I-pads were available they would try and use them regardless, justfor the novelty factor and not constructively…… The girls really liked the fact you could have many windows open that they couldflick between easily when initially researching a topic. It generated some fantasticdiscussions in the classroom and in the girls words ‘stopped you copying andpasting’ and it very often resulted in the learners taking notes with a pen and paperfrom the i-pads summarizing, very effectively, the content of what they werereading…… Giving learners the opportunity to be heard is also another fundamental tool topromoting independence in learning. If work is constantly being supplied on thesmart board, power points or through handouts all the learners end up with thesame material to work from. The i-pads allow learners to discover their ownmaterial and then more importantly, use and share that material with the groups,enhancing everyone’s learning experience.
  8. 8. App of the MonthCheck out AppZappPro, a great little appthat gives you accessto hundreds of freeapps that aresearchable by category,for example, educationor photographyDon’t forget to follow us on Twitter@SGSPeers or why not celebratea success within your departmentby using #SGSuccess.Results will be streamed throughto SharePoint
  9. 9. Wanted: Staff to help deliver CPD in 2013/14What the last staff development day illustrated is that we have some trulyexceptional staff. We are looking for staff to help us deliver some valuable CPDsessions in 2013/14. So what’s it in for you I hear you ask? Well, we are looking toform Peer Assisted Learning Groups (PALs) whereby individual teachers,assessors and ICSWs get together to share ideas and collaborate. We cannotoffer much but, coffee and bacon should be a good starting point. Anyone whohelps will be entered into a raffle at the end of the year; the first prize is an i-Pad4.The first PAL meet is on:@ Stroud Campus 8THJuly 2013 Filton Campus 9thJuly 2013 WISE Campus 9thJuly 2013 you are interested, then why not pop along!Next Month’s Edition• Review of Sixth Form provision / mini inspection• Update on HR appraisal system• Function Skills update• Release of the TLA Academic Planner for 2013/14. Plan allof your CPD needs• Quality update (SARs)• OfSted update• Resource of the month
  10. 10. Useful Resources / LinksThis is a nice little blog thatfocuses upon the creation of21 century resources that arerelevant to the learner. Somegreat ideas…Click or scan…This site allows you toconvert word documents intoon-line brochures. These canthen be embedded intoMoodleClick or scan…Be prepared to be genuinely amazed. This site allows you tocreate wonderful animations in just minutes…Check out theexample of the right…this took under 5 minutes. Keep an eyeout for training sessions in 2013/14Click or scan…
  11. 11. Meet the TeamMark JonesHead of Teaching, Learning,Assessment and Standards01179092 BuddDeputy Head of Teaching, Learning,Assessment and Standards(Filton Campus)01179092 KayDeputy Head of Teaching, Learning,Assessment and Standards(Filton Campus)01179092 BurnsDeputy Head of Teaching, Learning,Assessment and Standards(Stroud Campus)01453