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HealthESeat Project - turning seat time from harmful to healthful

  1. My HealthESeat Project Motivation: Make “Seat Time” Less Harmful, More Healthful Show-and-Tell Session QS PDX April 11, 2017 Mark Leavitt
  2. Introducing Me, Circa 2007 • Too much sitting at desk using my computer • Not enough exercise • No mindfulness practice
  3. Treadmill Desk as Solution? • Good exercise, but… • Motion-induced eye strain • Accurate mousing difficult • Noisy • Awkward start/stop • Space, power, cost
  4. HealthESeat: (Might as Well Start Out Comfortable)
  5. Strip It Down Add Sensors and Microcontroller
  6. Rebuild Arms with Split Keyboard
  7. Hack a Mini-Elliptical Exerciser Connect to Controller, Add LEDs
  8. HealthESeat 1.0
  9. HealthESeat 1.0
  10. HealthESeat 1.0
  11. “Good” Results ~ 50k added “steps” / week
  12. “Bad” Results Too much distance Bad neck posture
  13. HealthESeat, Version 2.0 3D CAD Model As Built
  14. User’s-Eye View
  15. Capturing Mindfulness Session Data Electrode pads – touch with fingertip (right and left side) Upgraded controller with Bluetooth connectivity and heartbeat sensing (EKG for best accuracy)
  16. EKG and HRV Signal Processing Heart rate variability synchronized with breathing can quantify mindfulness
  17. What Did I Learn? Ideas that seem nutty today… may not be so crazy tomorrow. Try it! / learn from mistakes / iterate… until you either reach your goal or just gain all the learning you can. Locus of Control matters… commitment is strongest with QS tools you design or build yourself.
  18. Thanks for listening! Questions and Discussion Contact info: Email: Website: Twitter: @markleavitt

Editor's Notes

  1. The split keyboard turned out to be even more comfortable for my wrists and hands than a conventional keyboard, and I type just as fast.