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Dell iDRAC "racadm" cli for Linux Basic Install


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Overview of basic install of Dell cli iDRAC "racadm" . This covers the install of the Linux OS version . There are also windows version & racadm can run direct on the card .

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Dell iDRAC "racadm" cli for Linux Basic Install

  1. 1. Dell iDRAC CLI Config Tool “racadm” Linux Support Mark Maclean – kick start - November 2016 – Version 1.0
  2. 2. Summary & TermsSummary The aim of this deck is to provide a simple overview using screen shots of how to install & run the iDRAC cli “racadm” at the Linux command prompt “racadm” is use to config system firmware settings including the iDRAC/BIOS etc . iDRAC also “out-of-band” access via remote racadm & SSH As of Nov 2016 racadm current version was 8.4.0 – always check for updates. Example based on RHEL 6.7 / iDRAC / racadm 8.4.0 Terms DRAC – “iDRAC” Dell Remote Access Controller - offering out of band/lights outs management of Dell servers racadm – CLI for DRAC Mark Maclean - #Iwork4dell
  3. 3. Use Case Configuring multiple servers/blades manually to match a precise setup is an arduous task, server templates are used to dramatically speed up deployment & keep constancy across an entire fleet of servers . iDRAC racadm let customers script setup. iDRAC racadm commands are used to config server firmware setting such as iDRAC ip address / BIOS system boot order & PXE setup on NIC’s. iDRAC also support server “templates” xml file of all setting , these are mostly used during deployment & repurpose work Example “Use Cases” includes : Run racadm commands(s) as part of a scripted install - Configuration of the just the DRAC accounts/SNMP & SMTP alerting settings Setting PERC raid config for the first two disks to be raid 1 To complete cloning of one servers settings (BIOS/DRAC/PERC) to a set of new servers
  4. 4. How To Install “racadm” on Linux Host
  5. 5. How To Install iDRAC racadm For Linux Download “Dell OpenManage Linux Remote Access Utilities,v8.4” The listed Dell RPM’s below are the minimum required to enable support of “racadm” at OS Command line Install these rpm packages in order ALL RPMs ARE FROM THE DELL OpenManage TAR FILE rpm -ivh libsmbios-2.3.1-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm rpm –ivh smbios-utils-bin-2.3.1-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm rpm -ivh srvadmin-argtable2-8.4.0-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm rpm -ivh srvadmin-omilcore-8.4.0-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm rpm -ivh srvadmin-hapi-8.4.0-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm rpm -ivh srvadmin-deng-8.4.0-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm rpm -ivh srvadmin-idracadm-8.4.0-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm rpm -ivh srvadmin-idracadm7-8.4.0-2193.9883.el6.x86_64.rpm Test - racadm Then (this last step may not be required in 8.4.x ) service instsvcdrv start
  6. 6. How To Install iDRAC racadm For Linux OpenManage Package
  7. 7. How To Install iDRAC racadm For Linux OpenManage “RPM” list
  8. 8. How To Install iDRAC racadm For Linux Right Click “Open” To install
  9. 9. Test install iDRAC racadm For Linux
  10. 10. Back Ground
  11. 11. RACADM cli command clear iDRAC jobs Example RACADM Commands Configure the server to boot from Virtual CD/DVD once and reboot immediately: racadm config -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerBootOnce 1 racadm config -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerFirstBootDevice VCD-DVD racadm serveraction powercycle Set Server to PXE Boot Once and Power Cycle racadm config -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerBootOnce 1 racadm config -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerFirstBootDevice PXE racadm serveraction powercycle
  12. 12. Next Steps Product Download Dell OpenManage Linux Remote Access Utilities,v8.4 Racadm Command Set racadm cli command guide XML Configuration Feature - XML File Structure Dell OpenManage Document Library Dell System Management technical forum racadm on Dell tech center Dell tech center iDRAC – Whitepapers/videos etc Dell tech center – a customer forum to post questions on for all thing OpenManage