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Decisive Pipeline Corporation are dedicated and experienced hydrocarbon pipeline professionals specializing in oil, purified natural gas and NGL pipeline construction. Decisive Pipeline professionals excel in a safe and proficient manner, successfully and cost effectively meeting the pipeline growth needs of North America. Remember: When you need to dig, you need Decisive.

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Decisive Pipeline Corporation - Hydrocarbon Pipeline Construction

  1. 1. Decisive PipelineCorporationHydrocarbon Pipeline|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com1
  2. 2.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com2IntroductionWe are dedicated and experienced pipeline specialists in oil, purified natural gas and NGLpipeline construction. We specialize in Hydrocarbon Pipeline Placement and more.From the swamps and rivers, through the congested cities, across the mid-American plainsand to the mountainous regions of our continent, Decisive Pipeline professionals excel in asafe and proficient manner, successfully and cost effectively meeting the pipeline growthneeds of North America.Remember: When you need to dig, you need Decisive.
  3. 3.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com3About UsDecisive Pipeline Corporation is based on the belief that your needs are of the utmostimportance when a hydrocarbon pipeline is being planned and constructed. Superiorcontractors at all levels of the pipeline industry have come together with the common goal ofbuilding your pipeline with integrity and professionalism, while at the same time,incorporating the most modern of business management practices.Our implementation of proper business management systems respects the North Americanenvironment, the safety of our workers and the communities that live upon this land.By increasing our energy independence in North America, we engage in a rich relationshipwith the upstream systems and municipalities upon which we traverse on the way torefining.
  4. 4.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com4PurposeThe purpose of Decisive Pipeline Corporation is to:• Bring your pipeline to commissioning in a trouble-free environment;• Integrate stakeholders into a cohesive and performance-driven team;• Meet the budgetary and scheduling requirements of your project;• Adhere to pipeline construction standards and practices; and• Ensure compliance with prevailing health, safety and environmental requirements at thefederal and state level.
  5. 5.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com5Health, Safetyand Environmental PolicyDecisive Pipeline Corporation (DPC) shall conduct its business in a safe andenvironmentally conscious manner, while maintaining the highest level of quality.As such, this policy is appropriate to the nature, scale and scope of our businessoperations.• To ensure our policy meets all legal and other requirements, we are steadfastlycommitted to:• Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements, as they relate to HSEQ;• Prevention of pollution;• Prevention of injury and ill health; and• Continual improvement.This policy provides the framework to meet and review the HSEQ objectives that DPC hasset for itself, and with the full backing of management. DPC will communicate this policy toall employees, contractors, suppliers and make it available to the public, upon request.Michael W. Furey, President and CEO
  6. 6.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com6Core ValuesDecisive Pipeline Corporation (DPC) is dedicated to providing its clients with the highestlevel of integrity, competency and financial responsibility. However, these objectives bythemselves are not enough to ensure client and public satisfaction. Therefore, other areassuch as the health and safety of employees and the public, how we manage and utilizenatural resources, our concern for environmental best management practices and how weensure product quality must be given due consideration.Our continued reputation and success with clients is directly dependent on how well we meetthese program commitments. We are not satisfied with simply meeting client requirements,but are constantly looking for ways to enhance our deliverables for every project we areinvolved with. Our belief is this approach is critical for ensuring total customer satisfactionand gaining their confidence in our abilities as a company. By applying continuousimprovement practices that have stood the test of time, we are better positioned to meet thehealth, safety, environmental and quality target set by our clients, as well as those we haveset for ourselves.The primary goal of DPC is to deliver world class service which exceeds client expectationsin a consistent, dependable and sustainable way. Our intention is to meet this goal each andevery time we are involved in a project.
  7. 7.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com7Core Values – Health and SafetyDPC is committed to offering a safe and healthy work environment to employees, visitorsand all who may be affected by our operations. Our support in this area can bedemonstrated by the health and safety programs we have developed, the types of trainingprovided to personnel, our involvement in community outreach programs and our regularparticipation in industry and regulatory committees.In discharging our project duties we adhere to all applicable state and/or federal health andsafety requirements. We also give due consideration to accepted international standardsrelated to health and safety management. The primary international standard DPC followswith respect to health and safety is OHSAS 18001:2007. We are not registered to thisstandard, but have put into place a fully functional health and safety management system(HSMS), a policy and manual. DPC feels by having implemented our HSMS we are betterpositioned to offer our clients world class health and safety resultsA few key areas where DPC is firmly committed to health and safety are as follows:Process Safety Management Personal Protective EquipmentPipeline Safety Inspection Program Welding and Pipeline PracticesHazard Communication Continual Improvement ProcessAccident Prevention and Investigation Electrical SafetyHealth and Safety Training Safe Work Practices
  8. 8.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com8Core Values – EnvironmentalDPC is dedicated to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner,while maintaining the economic vision of our clients as they develop energy resources in thefuture. We recognize, and take seriously, our responsibility to work with the public, variousgovernmental agencies and other interested parties associated with the development ofpetroleum and natural gas resources in North America.Based on the complexity of a project, DPC will either incorporate existing environmentalsolutions, or develop its own when this is not an option. Utilizing this format allows us toprovide clients with the assurance their project can move forward in an economical andefficient manner, and still protect the environment. The environmental controls andtechnological innovations available to DPC can help a project begin without undue delay,while controlling potential environment liability.
  9. 9.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com9Core Values – Environmental (cont.)In discharging our project duties we adhere to all applicable state and/or federalenvironmental requirements. We also give due consideration to accepted internationalstandards related to environmental management. The primary international standard DPCfollows with respect to the environment is ISO 14001:2004. We are not registered to thisstandard, but have put into place a fully functional environmental management system(EMS), a policy and manual. DPC feels by having implemented our EMS we are betterpositioned to offer our clients world class environmental results.A few key areas where DPC is firmly committed to environmental protection are as follows:Clean Air Management Pollution Prevention/Waste MinimizationClean Water Management Natural Resource ManagementCarbon Footprint Management Environmental StewardshipHazardous and Solid Waste Management Sustainable DevelopmentRecycle/Reuse Material Management Continual Improvement Process
  10. 10.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com10Core Values – QualityDPC approaches every project with the same level of quality in mind. What drives us is thefact we only know one way to do a job and that is the right way, the first time, every time.A key support function in this area is our ardent belief that continual improvement is thecornerstone of quality. To keep us focused and discharging our project duties we adhere toapplicable national, international and industrial quality standards specified by projectrequirements, as well as our own internal quality process.The primary international standard DPC follows with respect to quality is ISO 9001:2008.DPC is not registered to this standard, but we have put into place a fully functional qualitymanagement system (QMS), a policy and manual. DPC feels by having implemented ourQMS we are better positioned to offer our clients world class quality results.
  11. 11. • Pre-planning initiation• Project feasibility studies• Risk assessment• Pipeline mitigation resolution• Operational oversight• Land/facilities acquisitions• Surveying and Staking• GIS mapping• ROW preparations• Stringing• Ditching and Excavation• Horizontal directional drilling(HDD)• Conventional boring• Welding• Protective coating of line pipe andwelds• Pipeline restoration services• Pigging systems• Compressor/pumping stations• Tank batteries• Gathering stations• Cathodic protection (CP) systems• Hydrostatic testing• Compliance oversight• Environmental restoration• Comprehensive inspectionservices• SCADA placement services• Health, safety and environmentaltraining• Complete pipeline system analysis• Business resumption|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com11ServicesDPC’s teams of pipeline specialists can provide the following services to meet your planningand construction requirements:Should you have any questions about our capabilities in terms of your pipelineplanning and construction project, please call 800-793-2148. or go to the nextpage.
  12. 12.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com12ManagementDecisive Pipeline’s management personnel offer a depth of experience in pipeline planningand construction, as well as related industry expertise. DPC is fully committed to thesuccess of your project and works jointly to ensure requirements are met by delivering aproject on time and within cost constraints, while adhering to applicable health, safety andenvironmental regulations.The members of our management staff below are readily available to discuss your particularproject and to review engineering drawings and specifications, schedule parameters andbudgetary requirements.• Michael W. Furey: President and CEO• Kenneth K. Kines: Senior Vice President, Operations• Wesley L. Millett: Vice President, Engineering• Ronald V. Holmes: Director, Health, Safety and Environmental• Stephen P. Rogstad: Director, Quality Assurance• John F. Huffman: Director, Permits and Compliance• Daniel (Leo) Blem: Director of Projects• E.E. Britton: Director of Finance• Mark (Vange) Evangelista: Director, Public Relations/Governmental Affairs
  13. 13.|800-793-2148|info@dpcpipeline.com13Contact UsShould you have any questions about our services or wish to discuss aparticular pipeline project with our management team, please call us at 800-793-2148.Decisive Pipeline Corporation2637 E. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 25420Pompano Beach, FL