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The Ultimate Video Marketing Tool Box


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If you’re not using video marketing to boost your business’s engagement and sales, you’re already behind the eight ball…

Using video strategy in your business is considered par for the course because your competition is already benefiting from this valuable tool. That’s why you need leverage from the best video marketing tools available to give your marketing the boost it desperately needs!

The following are the ultimate video marketing tools and resources that’ll help you create viral videos to take your business to the next level:

1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

2. VideoCents

3. Keynote

4. PowerPoint

5. PowToon

6. Camtasia

7. ScreenFlow 5

8. ATR 2100

a. Neewer Mic Stand

9. The iPhone

a. Movo PM10 Lapel Mic

b. Ampridge Shotgun Mic

10. Canon EOS DSLRs

a. Stony-Edge Condenser

11. Tripod

12. Wistia

13. Vimeo

14. YouTube

15. YouTube Analytics

Leverage these video marketing tools to revamp your marketing campaigns, put forward your best content and make sure it’s targeted for the right people. This ensures your business gets maximum engagement and exposure from the most successful type of advertising – video marketing.

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The Ultimate Video Marketing Tool Box

  1. 1. Are  you  spending  hours   creating  marketing  campaigns   only  too  see  disappointing   results?
  2. 2. It  happens  to  the  best   of  us...
  3. 3. If  you’re  not  using  video  marketing   to  boost  your  business’s   engagement  and  sales,  you’re   already  behind  the  eight  ball…
  4. 4. Using  effective  video  marketing   strategies  online  is  considered   par  for  the  course  because  your   competition  is  already  benefiting   from  this  valuable  tool.
  5. 5. That’s  why  you  need  leverage   from  the  best  video  marketing   tools  available  reduce  creation   time  and  produce  outstanding   results!
  6. 6. So here’s  a  roundup  of  the  ultimate   video  marketing  tools  and  resources   that’ll  help  you  create  videos  in  less   time  that  produce  better  results.
  7. 7. 1.  Google  Adwords  Keyword  Planner
  8. 8. The  Google  AdWords  Keyword  Planner   lets  you  search  for  new  keywords  and   use  historical  search  data  to  come  up   list  of  highly  searched  keywords.
  9. 9. This  free  tool  helps  you  find  the   keywords  that  your  customers  are   looking  for,  allowing  you  to  create   video  marketing  content  that’s  timely   and  valuable!
  10. 10. 2.  VideoCents
  11. 11. VideoCents  helps  you  find  hot   keywords  for  your  videos  and   shows  you  YouTube  video  data   for  your  competition.
  12. 12. Use  this  tool  to  find  the  right   keywords  to  scale  your  channel.  You   get  to  access  search  volume  data  for   keywords  and  phrases  that  will  help   you  boost  your  channel’s  popularity.
  13. 13. 3.  Keynote
  14. 14. Keynote  for  Mac  is   your  ultimate   presentation  tool.
  15. 15. If  you’re  looking  to  use  a   presentation  in  your  marketing   videos,  this  tool  provides  a  wealth   of  beautiful  presentations,  powerful   tools  and  dazzling  effects  that  you   can  use  to  bring  your  ideas  to  life.
  16. 16. Keynote  works  for  Mac  and  iOS   devices,  and  there’s  a  minimal   learning  curve  especially  if   you’re  already  good  with   Microsoft  PowerPoint.
  17. 17. 4.  PowerPoint
  18. 18. Microsoft  Office  PowerPoint  is   an  alternative  tool  for  Keynote   for  Mac  (highlighted  in  the   previous  slide).
  19. 19. Use  this  flexible  and  powerful  tool  to   create  dazzling  presentations.  You   get  to  access  and  leverage  dozens  of   pre-­‐existing  styles  and  designs!
  20. 20. 5.  PowToon
  21. 21. Animated  videos  are  150%   more  effective  than   ordinary  marketing  videos!  
  22. 22. PowToon  is  your  ultimate   video  marketing  tool  for   creating  beautiful  animated   videos.
  23. 23. This  video  tool  is  a  must-­‐ have,  particularly  for   trainers  and  educators!
  24. 24. 6.  Camtasia
  25. 25. Use  this  tool  to  create   screen  recorded  videos  in   a  snap.
  26. 26. Camtasia  is  a  powerful,  easy-­‐to-­‐ use  screen  recorder  for  PC  and   Mac  users  that  makes  it  easy  to   create  fantastic  videos  without   having  to  be  a  video  pro.
  27. 27. Record  your  screen  actions  and   movements,  and  import  HD  video   from  cameras  and  other  sources.   Camtasia  is  cross  platform,  so  you   can  use  it  both  on  Windows  and   Mac.
  28. 28. 7.  ScreenFlow  5
  29. 29. ScreenFlow  is  an  incredible   video  marketing  tool  for  Mac   users  that  takes  screen  casting   to  a  whole  new  level.  
  30. 30. ScreenFlow  not  only  lets  you   capture  high  quality  videos,   but  also  provides  you  with  an   easy-­‐to-­‐use  editing  interface.
  31. 31. You  can  use  a  number  of  motion,   editing  and  media  management   tools  that  make  screen  casting  a   heck  of  a  lot  easier!
  32. 32. 8.  ATR  2100
  33. 33. This  useful  audio  recording  tool  gives   you  an  extended,  smooth  response   that’s  ideal  for  home  studio   recording,  podcasting,  voice  over,  on-­‐ stage  use,  and  field  recording.
  34. 34. a.  Neewer  Mic  Stand Need a cool stand for your video marketing microphone? The Neewer Arm Stand is your best bet.
  35. 35. This accessory is foldable, adjustable and convenient to carry. You can change the height or angle to capture your best voice. It can be mounted on the announcers’ table with a Table mounting clamp that is included with the product.
  36. 36. 9.  The  iPhone
  37. 37. The  iPhone  6  isn’t  just   bigger,  it  shoots  video  in   1080HD  -­‐  which  means  you   get  amazing  video  quality.  
  38. 38. Some  of  the  most  popular   YouTube  marketing  videos   have  been  recorded  on  the   iPhone.  
  39. 39. So  if  you  need  a  one-­‐in-­‐all   gadget  that’ll  help  you   communicate  while  enabling   you  to  create  cool  videos,   consider  getting  an  iPhone  6.
  40. 40. a.  Movo  PM10  Lapel  Mic Using your iPhone to record your videos? This is your ideal microphone tool.
  41. 41. The Movo PM10 Deluxe Lavalier is a condenser Microphone that works with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Windows and Android smartphones.
  42. 42. b.  Ampridge  Shotgun  Mic Your in-built iPhone mic might not produce that ultimate voice you’re cultivating for your next video!
  43. 43. This accessory increases the effective sensitivity you get with the default iPhone mic and extending your recording range.
  44. 44. 10.  Canon  EOS  DSLRs
  45. 45. Canon’s  innovative  technology,   brilliant  design  and  world-­‐class   optics  can  help  you  create   studio-­‐quality  videos.
  46. 46. Whether  you’re  a  beginner  or  a   Pro  video  maker,  a  Canon  is  one   of  the  most  effective  video   marketing  tools!
  47. 47. a.  Stony-­‐Edge  Lapel  Mic An incredible sound quality Mic that works with all your camcorders and HDSLR audio recording. It’s portable and top quality!
  48. 48. 11.  Tripod
  49. 49. A  tripod  is  a  must-­‐have  tool  for  video   marketers.  Whether  you’re  using  a  tripod  for   your  mobile  phone  or  your  DSLR,  a  lightweight   and  compact  design  that  makes  it  possible  for   you  to  capture  steady  and  focused  footage.
  50. 50. 12.  Wistia
  51. 51. Wistia  provides  professional   video  hosting  with  analytics  and   powerful  video  marketing  tools.
  52. 52. Think  of  Wistia  as  a  smaller   YouTube  that’s  dedicated   specifically  for  business  use.
  53. 53. You  can  use  this  tool  to  generate  leads   get  intuitive  data  about  your  viewers.   Email  collectors,  call-­‐to-­‐actions,   viewing  trends  and  heatmaps  -­‐  you   have  all  the  tools  you  need  to  leverage   the  power  of  true  video  marketing.
  54. 54. 13.  Vimeo
  55. 55. If  you  didn’t  watch  videos  on   YouTube,  you  probably   watched  them  on  Vimeo.
  56. 56. Vimeo  is  a  super  high  quality   video  hosting  platform  that   allows  you  to  upload  content,   share  it  with  the  world,  and   connect  with  your  audience.
  57. 57. 14.  YouTube
  58. 58. YouTube  is  the  worlds  most   popular  video  search  engine   (and  it’s  the  #2  search  engine   in  the  world,  behind  Google).
  59. 59. Once  you’ve  made  that   perfect  video  that  you  know   will  appeal  to  your  audience,   YouTube  is  where  you  post  it.
  60. 60. You  can  cultivate  an  audience   in  the  millions,  and  make  a   serious  profit  on  YouTube.  
  61. 61. 15.  YouTube  Analytics
  62. 62. YouTube  Analytics  is  an  incredible   video  marketing  tool  that  provides  a   wealth  of  data,  metrics  and  trends  on   how  your  content  is  doing  on  YouTube.
  63. 63. Leverage  these  video  marketing   tools  to  revamp  your  marketing   campaigns,  put  forward  your   best  content  and  make  sure  it’s   targeted  for  the  right  people.
  64. 64. This  ensures  your  business   gets  maximum  engagement   and  exposure  from  the  most   successful  type  of  advertising   –  video  marketing.
  65. 65. Was  This  Useful?
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