Lit research at a distance


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Lit research at a distance

  1. 1. I’ll try a little percussivepersuasion! Howdoyuhdo: The Lit Review At a Distance Starter Mark Horan Presenter 419-530-4463
  2. 2. Or l’ll use alittle location,language andlogic to crack this nut!
  3. 3. Location…OhioLink Land •Use the URL below •Find the map to the right •Click on the quadrant you are in to the find a list of OhioLink Libraries near you. This information is available at:
  4. 4. Location…
  5. 5. Location… Online Periodical Indexes: ERIC Education Fulltext PsycInfo Academic Search Complete, Education Research Complete and more… (for more, see the course libguide) Books, etc.: UTMost Catalog; OhioLink Catalog WorldCat
  6. 6. Language: A bit too broad... Hi! I need stuff on social skills! Do you need to know aboutStudent theories? Techniques? Tests that measure reading readiness? Librarian Ummm…I’ll be back...
  7. 7. Language: A bit too narrow... Hi! I need 10 articles from refereed journals in the past 2 years that prove Dr. Seuss books can teach social skills to autistic kids through rhyming words!Student We may not be able to find 10 articles in the past two years with those specific terms. We may not find the Doc on call; we Librarian may not find him, not at all! Ummm…I’ll be right back...
  8. 8. Language: Just right... Hi! My thesis is: “Social skills can be taught to autistic pre-schoolers using rhythm and rhyme” Great! Let’s break that thesisStudent down into concepts and keywords, look for books for background, articles for current research, maybe a Mental Measurement Excited test… Librarian Whoa! Info overload! I’m taking a break! I’ll do this later!
  9. 9. Subject or keyword search? SUBJECT KEYWORD Controlled vocabulary Natural language Uses subject headings Uses Boolean logic Search-subject line Search-whole record Usually fewer hits Usually more hits Narrower, more exact Broader, less exact ADVICE: Do a keyword search first, find subject headings in the records, then do a subject search
  10. 10. Logic: Make a list of synonyms for eachconcept social skill autism preschoolers social kindergartners interaction spectrum disorders socialization
  11. 11. Logic: Type OR between synonyms social skill autism preschoolers or or or social spectrum interaction disorders kindergartners or socialization
  12. 12. Logic: Put parentheses around lists ofsynonyms (social skill (autism (preschoolers or or or social spectrum kindergartners) interaction disorder ) or socialization)
  13. 13. Logic: Type AND between lists ofkeywords (autism (preschoolers (social skill or or or social spectrum interaction disorder) kindergartners) or socialization) and and
  14. 14. Truncate endings with * or ? (social skill* (autis* (preschool* or or or social spectrum interaction* disorder*) kindergart*) or social*) and and
  15. 15. Put it all together (social skill* or social interaction* or social*) and (autis* or spectrum disorder*) and (preschool* or kindergart*) Dogs have great self images!
  16. 16. Here it is live! (Well, sort of…)
  17. 17. Limiting results 152 hits! I do have a life, ya know. How can I narrow this? LIMITERS: Year Language Source Add an “AND” Subtract an “OR”
  18. 18. Evaluate your results Refereed journals - peer-Types of periodicals reviewed, highly respected scholarly writing. Reading level - college/post-grad Scholarly journals - carefully researched, fully documented. Reading level - college Trade journals - news and info for professionals. Reading level - high school or college. Magazines - popular reading for the general public. Reading level - high school or lower.
  19. 19. Finish Line! Citation Only?: Look up the If it’s full text: Print, periodical title Email, or Save in the UTMost catalog to see if library has that particularNot in UTMost issue online or( check your local OhioLINKNot in your local? library’sEmail me with the citation and I’ll see catalog to seewhat’s up. if your library nearby has a copy.
  20. 20. Ah, er, Finish Line!Books, theses, andstuff…Look up the title in the OhioLink Catalog; order fromOhiolink libraries using the “Make a Request” button.Identify which card you are using, either University ofToledo or State Library. Then fill out the appropiatename and number and location.
  21. 21. Mark Horan Librarian for the Judith Herb College of EducationUniversity of Toledo2801 West Bancroft Street MS #509Toledo, OH 43606Tel.: 419-530-4463Fax: 419-530-2542E-mail: