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Wellness Coach Presentation


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Learn more about how to leverage your time and make more money doing what you already love!

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Wellness Coach Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to the Wellness Coach Presentation
  2. 2. What’s It All About?
  3. 3. Helping People Be Healthy, Fit, And Enjoying Life More Through Nutritional Weight Loss!
  4. 4. And It’s Not Just Another Job… But A Real Chance To Help Change People’s Lives! And If You Don’t Have The Experience, We’ll Train You!
  5. 5. It’s Also About YOU! A Real Chance To Enjoy What You Do, While Getting Paid What You’re Worth $$$!
  6. 6. It’s Up To You. You Can Make…. Extra Spending Cash; A Full Time Income; or, “Executive Level” Income!
  7. 7. And Of Course Money Is Important Because We All Need $$$. But You Have To Have The Passion To Want To Help People!
  8. 8. Because If You DON’T Have That Passion… This Position Is Not For You And You Should STOP This Presentation NOW!
  9. 9. So Let’s Get Started!
  10. 10. Why The Health And Wellness Industry?
  11. 11. Obesity Is Now At An All Time High! The Current Administration  Unveiled National Anti-Obesity Initiative!  Called for “Ideas and Input” From Mayors across the country  Asking Them To Be The Leaders Of this Initiative
  12. 12. Obesity Is Now At An All Time High! Even Uncle Sam Is Starting To Get Involved Considering Taxing Overweight People With An Obesity Tax!
  13. 13. The Facts are... Overwhelming!
  14. 14. We Are In An Obesity Epidemic!
  15. 15. $46,000,000,000 Epidemic Is At An All Time High! Today More Than 65% Of Americans Are Overweight To Obese!
  16. 16. The Urgency For Wellness Has Never Been Greater!  Obesity Is Now The #2 Cause For Preventable Deaths In the US.  60 Million Americans 20 years Or Older Are Now Obese.  9 Million Children Ages 9-16 Are Now Overweight.
  17. 17. Overweight Children Statistics Have Now Climbed To Over 30% In 30 States! Unless We Change This Pattern This Will Be The 1st Generation That Outlives Their Kids!
  18. 18. It’s An International Epidemic!  Obesity In Adults:  7 Out 10 Overweight  3 Out 10 Clinically Obese  1 Out 50 Morbidly Obese  Obesity In Children:  1 Out 4 Overweight  1 Out 6 Are Obese
  19. 19. The Economic Crisis Of Chronic Disease!  Chronic Diseases Costs The U.S. Economy Over $1.3 Trillion Dollars Annually! And Could Reach $6 Trillion By The Middle Of The Century.  A Decline In Obesity Rates Could Lead To $60 Billion In Savings In Treatment Costs And $254 Billion In Increased Productivity. Source: The Milken Institute, October 2007
  20. 20. So As You Can See The Mission We Are On Is Huge
  21. 21. Health Risks Associated With Obesity!  Heart Disease  Certain Cancers  Hypertension  Gallbladder  Stroke Disease  Diabetes 4 Of The 10 Leading Causes Of Death!! Source: The Obesity Society  Osteoarthritis  Sleep Apnea
  22. 22. 34% Of All Americans Are Morbidly Obese!
  23. 23. Reality Check How Many People Do You Know?  Like going to Starbucks? Love donuts, pastries or snack foods?  Multiple sizes of clothes in your closet? Wish you fit your 5-year old jeans?  Out of breath climbing stairs?  Consider the gas pedal and TV remote exercise?  Have a gym membership you do not use?  Take afternoon naps?
  24. 24. Maybe Not You But… Most Americans would have checked YES to 3 or more from that Checklist.
  25. 25. What Does All This Mean?
  26. 26. From A Caregiver Point Of View… There Are Many People Out There Who Desperately Need Our Help!
  27. 27. And The Good News is… You Can Help Do Something About It! We All Can!
  28. 28. From A Financial Perspective… Business Is Booming! We have both FULL Time and PART Time Positions available to the right candidates.
  29. 29. Now Let’s Talk About… Who We Are, What We Do, and Where We Do It!
  30. 30. It all starts with Wellness Coaching Over 2.5 Million Wellness Coaches Worldwide On The Team!
  31. 31. Two Wellness Coach Business Models 1 Mobile Wellness Coach Model! 2 Nutrition Club Model!
  32. 32. Mobile Wellness Coach Model Obesity Healthcare Families Working with your local community! Seniors Fitness Businesses Children Health & Wellness awareness is at an all time high!
  33. 33. Mobile Wellness Coach Model Plugging In To Your Community…  Providing On site Wellness Evaluations  Offering Healthy Lifestyle Events  Wellness Parties  Weight Loss Challenges  Corporate Wellness Your local community is in Services desperate need of your help!
  34. 34. Mobile Wellness Coach Model We’re Taking Wellness Everywhere!      Businesses Doctors Offices Dentists Chiropractors College Campuses  Sports Clubs  Community Centers  Hospitals  Wellness Centers  Churches Your local community is in  Homes desperate need of your help!
  35. 35. The Nutrition Club Model Many Of Our Mobile Wellness Coaches Eventually Open Up Their Own Nutrition Club!
  36. 36. The Nutrition Club Model Fastest Growing Health and Wellness Clubs In The Word With Over 12,000 Clubs In The US, and Over 70,000 Worldwide!
  37. 37. The Nutrition Club Model Our Nutrition Clubs Are Friendly And Inviting Providing For An Explosive Social Growth Model!
  38. 38. What Exactly Is A Nutrition Club?     Community Service Location Providing Health And Wellness Education Serving Healthy Meal Smoothies, Soothing Aloes And Teas A Safe haven; A Place To Have Fun, Relax, Make New Friends, Receive Positive Reassurance, And Gain Trust
  39. 39. Next, Let’s Look At What We Do As A Wellness Coach… Both Mobile Wellness Coaching and Working Within A Nutrition Club...
  40. 40. Core Wellness Coaching Services Wellness Evaluations A Powerful Tool That Creates The Need For Urgency  Brings An Immediate Awareness To The Participant Of The Importance And Urgency Of Good Nutrition And Wellness For Them  Provides A Natural Lead In For Providing Our Health And Wellness Solutions Our Secret Weapon In The Fight Against Obesity
  41. 41. Core Wellness Coaching Services Wellness Evaluations  Full Body Composition Analysis  Daily Diet Analysis  Daily Protein/Caloric Intake Analysis Power Of Protein - The key to staying healthy is knowing how much protein you personally need daily for your body  Customized Meal Plan Your meal program tailored to your budget, likes, and goals Our Secret Weapon In The Fight Against Obesity
  42. 42. Core Wellness Coaching Services Healthy Active Lifestyle Events      HL24 Fitcamps Bike Clubs Run Clubs Walk Clubs Weight Loss Challenges
  43. 43. Core Wellness Coaching Services Healthy Active Lifestyle Events Making Friends, Building A Strong Culture Of Health And Wellness, And Helping New Friends To Achieve Solid Results!
  44. 44. Core Wellness Coaching Services Weight Loss Challenges  Help People Lose Weight And Get Healthy  Ensure Proper Nutrition  Improve Eating Habits  Develop A Healthy Lifestyle  Achieve solid lasting RESULTS Lost Over 390 Lbs and 319 inches! Lost Over 550 Lbs! Lost 916 Lbs! Lost Over A Ton!
  45. 45. Core Wellness Coaching Services Weight Loss Challenges A 3-12 Week Fun & Friendly Weight Loss Competition That Educates Participants About Proper Nutrition and Eating Habits That Will Result In Participants Losing Weight, Keeping It Off And Being Super Fit Lost Over 390 Lbs and 319 inches! Lost Over 550 Lbs! Lost 916 Lbs! Lost Over A Ton!
  46. 46. Core Wellness Coaching Services Weight Loss Challenges  Includes A Personal Weight Loss Coach To Guide The Participant And Ensure Their Goals Are Achieved  Just 45-60 Minutes A Week Lost Over 390 Lbs and 319 inches! Lost Over 550 Lbs! Lost 916 Lbs! Lost Over A Ton!
  47. 47. Core Wellness Coaching Services Weight Loss Challenges  Our Weight Loss Challenges Are Everywhere!  Making Both Local & National News!
  48. 48. Let’s Take A Look At Some Wellness RESULTS...
  49. 49. Weight Loss
  50. 50. Wellness Results Before After Steve Lost 25 Pounds using the Healthy Meal Program
  51. 51. Wellness Results Before After Vinnie Lost 35 pounds in 3months, and got rid of heartburn
  52. 52. Wellness Results Before After Toni lost 70 pounds and over 70 inches …using the Advanced Protein Plus Program
  53. 53. Wellness Results Before Kathy Lost 105 pounds in 9 months! After
  54. 54. Wellness Results Before After Angie Lost 110 pounds and has kept it off for 7 years!
  55. 55. Wellness Results Before Mary Lost 150 pounds and got back her dignity! After
  56. 56. Fitness
  57. 57. Wellness Results Before After (Age 40!) Jennifer’s transformation has been amazing!
  58. 58. Wellness Results Before Mark Addy The Results of feeding the body Bio Available Nutrients through our Cellular Nutrition products After
  59. 59. Wellness Results Before After Doran was 135 pounds.
After consistently taking 3 meals
and our incredible wellness products,
he gained 30 pounds!
  60. 60. So What Would Be Your Responsibilities As A Wellness Coach?
  61. 61. Wellness Coach Responsibilities Include…  Helping Market and Promote Our Wellness Coach Core Services Through Proven Advertising Techniques  Conducting Wellness Evaluations  Providing Weight Loss, Nutrition and Wellness Plans
  62. 62. Wellness Coach Responsibilities Include…  Running Our Healthy Active Lifestyle Events  Running Weight Loss Challenges  Organizing, Teaching, and Providing Client Support For Our Wellness Products
  63. 63. Wellness Coach Responsibilities Include…  Follow Up With Your Clients On A Regular Basis.  Trouble Shoot Any Problems They May Be Having And Work Together To Find A Solution  Providing Clients With Our Nutrition and Wellness Product Solutions
  64. 64. Characteristics Of A Successful Wellness Coach Include…  Being A Good Role Model For Your Clients  The Ability To Encourage And Focusing Your Clients On Their Goals  Following Up With Your Clients On A Regular Basis
  65. 65. Our Philosophy Towards Health And Wellness...
  66. 66. Wellness Is More Than A BUZZ Word! “Wellness… to be healthy enough to be able to do the things that you want to do for the rest of your life!”
  67. 67. Wellness starts with having optimum weight through healthy eating habits and exercise.
  68. 68. We Believe Diets… Don’t Work!!!
  69. 69. We Believe Weight Loss… Is Essential To Wellness!
  70. 70. We Believe Wellness Starts With Good Nutrition! Good Nutrition Affects Everything!     Health Energy Vitality Organs  Cells  Skin  Quality Of Life
  71. 71. It’s Good For Individuals!       Greater Efficiency At Work Improved Employee Morale More Quality Time A Feeling Of Well Being Social Success Overall GREAT HEALTH
  72. 72. It’s Good For Companies!     Increased Productivity Improved Employee Morale Reduced Turnover Reduced Absenteeism     Lower Healthcare Costs Improved Employee Health Increased Profit Improve Corporate Image
  73. 73. It’s Good For Communities!  Promotes Social Interaction  Defers homeless and crime caused by poor mental and physical health  Increases productivity and reduces absenteeism at school and work.  Lower Community Healthcare Costs
  74. 74. Our Mission As A Social And Community Service Educate And Inspire People and Share The Importance, Excitement, and Fun Of Good Health, Fitness And Weight Management
  75. 75. So Why Are We Expanding So Quickly?
  76. 76. Because Many Of Our Wellness Coaches End Up Becoming Nutrition Club Owners! How Does That Work? Simple!  Our Wellness Coaches Are Provided With A Compensation Plan That Allows Them To Financially Exceed Their Wildest Expectations  Our Wellness Coaches Love What They Do  Our Weight Loss Challenges and Nutrition Clubs Are Incredible And They Work!
  77. 77. What If I Just Want To Be A Wellness Coach! That’s Great Because… We have positions for everyone based on their current circumstances:     Full Time/Part Time Wellness Coach Positions Nutrition Club Operators Nutrition Club Owners Multi-Club Owners
  78. 78. Let’s Meet Some Of Our Coaches… Who Are Changing Lives Because Of The Nutrition Clubs
  79. 79. Wellness Coach Dr. Jeff    Critical Care Pulmonologist In North Carolina Wanted To Help Patients By Being Proactive Versus Reactive Part Time Over $1,000 $2,000 A Month
  80. 80. Wellness Coach Nick     Chiropractor In Ohio Wanted To Help People Get Healthy 2 Weight Loss Challenges Per Week Part Time Between $2,200 and $2,800 A Month
  81. 81. Wellness Coach Lindi  17 Years As A Personal Trainer  Made $1,700 Her First Month Part Time As A Mother Of 3!
  82. 82. Now Let’s Just Take A Look At The Possibilities? All these people started as a Wellness Coach!
  83. 83. Nutrition Club Owner, USA Katie  Started As A Wellness Coach And Now Owns 2 Nutrition Clubs and Starting A 3rd  Now She Averages Over $25,000 A Month In Her Pocket!
  84. 84. Nutrition Club Owner, USA Isidro  Started As A Wellness Coach And Now Owns Multiple Latino Nutrition Clubs.  Now He Averages Over $50,000 A Month!
  85. 85. Nutrition Club Owner, USA Donte  Started As A Wellness Coach And Now Owns Multiple Nutrition Clubs.  Now He Averages Over $50,000 A Month!
  86. 86. Nutrition Club Owner, USA Mark & Jill  Started As A Wellness Coach And Now Owns Multiple Nutrition Clubs.  Now They Average Over $70,000 A Month!
  87. 87. So Now Let’s Talk About The Wellness Products We Use Within Our Nutrition Clubs
  88. 88. We Work With An International Multi-billion Dollar Publically Traded Company! Traded On The New York Stock Exchange
  89. 89. Over 30 Years In Business! In Over 85 Countries! Over $5.4 Billion Dollars In Revenue in 2011
  90. 90. The Number 1 Nutrition Company In The World!
  91. 91. Our Product Solutions Provider The World Leader In Health, Wellness and Nutrition
  92. 92. World Renowned Products! A Complete Health And Wellness Solution!      Weight Management Targeted Nutrition Sports Nutrition Energy & Fitness Personal Care
  93. 93. Sponsorships and Events! Along With Doing Community Service We Also Sponsor Professional Sports Teams, Athletes, And Events!      L.A. Galaxy (David Beckham) Herbalife Triathlon Of LA L.A. Open Tennis AVP Pro Beach Volley Ball AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) Over 100 Sporting Events
  94. 94. Why Did We Choose To Work With Herbalife?
  95. 95. Herbalife Is Simply The Best! A Good Business Decision  Number 1 in Health & Nutrition  Best Health & Wellness Products In The World  We Know They Work  Best Profit Margins In The Industry
  96. 96. Is This A Fit For You? Let’s Find Out
  97. 97. We Both Know The Job Market Is In Crisis 100 Candidates For Every Position In Your Field       Nutritionists, Doctors, Nurses Personal Trainers Trained Athletes Who Want To Coach Coaches Who Want To Coach Sales People Who Want To Work In Wellness Pick Any Field And There Are Not Many Jobs
  98. 98. So Join A Booming Industry! Health & Wellness Many Are Now Making The Critical Shift To This Expanding Market Whether You Are A Mortgage Broker, A Real Estate Agent, In Debt Settlement, Construction, Sales. Whether you’re an Doctor, Nurse, Lawyer, Accountant, Bookkeeper, or in Administration. The list goes on…. People are coming on board from all walks of life!
  99. 99. We Understand Income Earners Need Time Flexibility And You Need To Feel Good About What You Do!     Students, Young Adult Earners Parents, Moms, and Dads People Who Want To Contribute To Their Community People Who Have Lost Loved Ones To Heart Disease, Cancer, Strokes, Diabetes.
  100. 100. As A Wellness Coach…        You Are Trained – No Experience Necessary You Will Have Ongoing Support and Training You Will Be Able To Set Your Own Hours You Will Control How Much YOU Want To Make You Can Work Both In Or Out Of Our Nutrition Club In Any Area You Will Basically Be Your Own Boss And Your Skill Set Will Be In High Demand
  101. 101. Here Is What We Are Looking For…       Self-motivated! Excited! Passionate! Teachable! Willing To Work! Able To Get Up In Front Of A Group
  102. 102. So What Are Your Next Steps?
  103. 103. Mobile Wellness Coaching Is the Future! And We Are Looking For Coaches right Now! You Must Ask Yourself These Questions:  Do I Want To Help My Community?  Do I Want To Be My Own Boss?  Am I Willing To Learn And Be Mentored?
  104. 104. Our Nutrition Clubs Are Exploding All Over The Country! And We Are Looking For Coaches right Now! You Must Ask Yourself These Questions:  Am Tired Of Looking For A JOB?  Do I Want To Be Compensated For What I Am Worth, The More I Do – The More I Make?
  105. 105. IMAGINE! You As A Wellness Coach!!! You Have Clients Coming To You For A Real Wellness Solution. You’re Conducting Wellness Evaluations , Helping People Get Healthy, Having A Blast, Making A Great Income, And Establishing A Career In A Booming Industry!
  106. 106. IMAGINE! You As A Wellness Coach!!! You Are Participating In Or Even Running A 50 member Fitcamp, You’re Having Fun, And Everyone Is Getting Healthy On The Herbalife Products! And You Are Truly Changing Lives!
  107. 107. IMAGINE! You As A Wellness Coach!!!  Your 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge Has Just Ended And You Have 50 People Who Have Each Lost 5-50 Lbs!  Their Doctors Have Reduced Their Medication  They Fit Into New Clothes  They Can Now Play Actively With Their Children
  108. 108. IMAGINE! You As A Wellness Coach!!!  You’re Bartending Healthy Happy Hour Smoothies At A Packed Nutrition Club. Cool Music Is Playing, And You’re Having The Time Of Your Life  A Few Hours Later You’re At A Business Client Location Providing Corporate Wellness Services To 20 Employees, Setting Wellness Profile Appointments And Helping The Business and It’s Employees Achieve Their Corporate Wellness Goals
  109. 109. IMAGINE! You Are A Wellness Coach!!! And YOU Are Making… $750 to $2,500 Part Time, or; $3,500 to $7,500 Full Time. And that’s just the beginning!
  110. 110. If You Can Picture Yourself As That Wellness Coach…  ACT NOW!  Call Us Back Immediately To Schedule Your Next Step In The Interview Process  We Will Explain The Training Program And Income Potential To Qualified Prospects
  111. 111. End Of Presentation Call Us Back Immediately To Schedule Your Next Step In The Interview Process