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It allow that these flowers speak by me


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It allow that these flowers speak by me

  1. 1. It allows that these flowers speak by me
  2. 2. I do not know as go to find you,... But it allows that these flowers speak by me:
  3. 3. Either or not today, one day important,... these flowers mean most beautiful of the gifts for you.
  4. 4. Same without children around now,... that these flowers transmit the beauty of new life.
  5. 5. If somebody beloved lost, that these flowers can make to remember that GOD exists, and him never forget of us. We are that always forget of him.
  6. 6. If you are not happy that these flowers help you to recovering the happiness...
  7. 7. If your faith have been confused, that these flowers can bring firmness, perseverance, force.
  8. 8. And if somebody saddened your heart,… that these flowers offer light to this “somebody” that does not know the “Law of the Return”.
  9. 9. If finances worry you,… can these flowers remember to you that the Being Biggest of the Universe always finishes supplying our necessities, of another way.
  10. 10. If be feeling alone and forgotten,… that these flowers make to feel the presence of your Bigger Angel, that be always in your side and you not note.
  11. 11. If you think that nobody of the importance for you,… that these flowers make recognize the great value that you possess.
  12. 12. In this place where you be now, allow that these flowers speak by me…
  13. 13. And if some day you are not well, remember: under the light of the love does not exist badly that does not finish!
  14. 14. Because what I want exactly it is that you are well… now and forever…