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This talk looks at how RDFa will impact on both the accuracy of search, and how the results are displayed. It also looks at how RDFa can help to create a range of vertical search engines.

It was given in a panel discussion, entitled <a>A Shift in SEO Strategy</a>, at SemTech 2009.

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  1. 1. RDFa and SEO Mark Birbeck
  2. 2. Many ways that semantics will affect search, but here I'll focus on RDFa's impact
  3. 3. How RDFa can impact search Enrich results Improve search Help verticals
  4. 4. Enrich results
  5. 5. @pmika said today that richer UI improves click-through by 15% @othar_hansson said the increase was enough for the big players to adopt without question
  6. 6. Improve search
  7. 7. Accurate identifiers help search (Not just 'prime minister' but 'Gordon Brown'.)
  8. 8. Not clear if that will help rankings... ...yet.
  9. 9. Create verticals
  10. 10. Use RDFa to tag articles about particular chemicals (for example)
  11. 11. Create or reuse vertical vocabulary for vertical search site
  12. 12. References Me: RDFa: