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meeting in Larsmo, Finland

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. EXHANGE OF PUPILS IN LARSMO -Finland- MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 26th of September 27th of September 28 of September 29 of September 30th of September BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKFAST 09.00-10.00 09.00-10.30 09.00-13.00 09.00-11.30 09.00-12.00 Meeting the hosts WELCOME CEREMONY HIKING ON LOCAL TRAIL (2km) Teachers and pupils visit the Meetings, discussions 10.30-14.00 teachers and pupils local community center Bjärgas LUNCH at school, offered 10.00-14.00 Pupils participate in Lunch in the woods, Guided tour and information 12.00-15.00 Pupils participate in classroom activities offered about the open air museum Meetings, discussions, classroom activities LUNCH offered SIGHT-SEEING IN LARSMO and the school project "Time summary LUNCH at school, offered Workshops for teachers Tyynelä Elf Manor travel" Departure 14.00- 1. KiVa-school in theory The church LUNCH at school, offered Accommodation 2. KiVa-school in practice 13.00-15.00 12.30-14.00 arrangements. 3. 1:1, Tablets in daily school work Teacher´s meeting at school Classroom observations/ free-time 4. Three steps of special education 15.00-17.00 Coordinators meeting Finnish traditions, sauna Free time Meeting media DINNER 16.00-17.00 DINNER 17.00 Sight-seeing, guided tour IN JAKOBSTAD 14.00-16.00 Discussions and Transport to Jakobstad in Jakobstad conclusions Free time 19.00 Festive dinner 16.00 Transport to Jakobstad Free time