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C2, training event is spain official program


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Contents to work about during the training eventg

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C2, training event is spain official program

  1. 1. Erasmus + training event in Spain, Almeria, 19.03.2018 – 23.03.2018 Monday, 19.03  Workshop: analyzing Persona Dolls activites, conduction of a form for analyzing.  Workshop: Introduction for training to be become Persona Dolls methodology trainers – conduction of written training plan (content, structure)  Work in teams: every countries main social and behaviour problems with children, conducting a list of every countries main problems what will be described in Persona Dolls teachers handbook. Presentation of main social and behaviour problems. Conducting chapters about every countries main social and behaviour problems with children what will be added to Persona Dolls teachers handbook – presentation from every team. Tuesday, 20.03  Teaching differences, awareness about differences, increasing tolerance  Workshop: teaching differences to children in every partner country (activities, methodologies, curriculum). Differences and similarities.  Environment to support teaching differences and tolerance.  Different methodologies to teach children social skills and values as an example from Spanish partners institution C.E.I.P. Gines Morata Wednesday, 21.03  Persona Dolls methodology trainers training: how to build up teachers training?  Conduction of content and structure of training 1. Bullying and aggressive behaviour of children 2. Persona Dolls methodology introduction, principles, objectives 3. Creating personas to dolls. Workshop: conducting a variety of doll personas to introduce during training 4. Activities with dolls – principles, examples of a variety of different stories, first meeting with the dolls, probleem solveing with Persona Dolls. 5. How to build up the persona dolls activity – structure. 6. Handleing differences. Workshop: every countries experience. 7. Workshop: conducting pages about teachimg differences, values, valuing children individuality.
  2. 2.  Conduction of teacher inquiring questions to children to rehearse children probleem solveing.  Work in teams: conducting Persona Dolls training materials – presentation slides for training.  Introduction with classrooms and learning environment. Introduction of environment to support special needed children. Classroom and activities for special needed children. Practical experiences of working with special needed children. Thursday, 22.03  Persona Dolls methodology trainers training continues.  Workshop: practical part of training. Creating a structure of practical activities during teachers training: work in teams (conducting personas, conducting probleem solveing activities, activity with dolls with children as an example – see, learn, analyze).  Presentation of Persona Dolls activities with children in classroom.  Practical activity: seeing real Persona Dolls activity with special needed children in classroom with a doll with special need. Friday, 23.03  Conducting work plan for Persona Dolls network in Europe.  Conducting a training plan.  Workshop: training materials (Persona Dolls teachers handbook, DVD), how to use them during training sessions.  Workshop: every countries training materials – overview, improvement, finnishing.  Work in teams: conducting questionnaires about Persona Dolls to children, teachers and parents. Evaluation.  Work in teams: Values education added to curriculum, presentation of values education added to curriculum as example from Estonia team. Creating a list of expected skills in every age stage about teaching values, values education.