Big Data Revolution


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Everybody's talking about big data nowadays. Why? Because 90% of all our data was created in the last 2 years. Two years!

In this short introduction on the big data revolution we explain what generates all that data (social media, hardware, archives, etc) and what companies are doing with it: By connecting, interpreting and remixing many different datasets you are able to build customized products and services of the future.

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Big Data Revolution

  1. 1. Marjolijn Kamphuis@marjolijn
  2. 2. 1)  Proximity  Sensor  2)  Accelerometer  3)  Ambient  Light  Sensor  4)  Three-­‐axis  Gyroscope  5)  Magnetometer  6)  GPS  7)  Camera  
  3. 3. Tweets  per  day  in  Millions  450  400  350  300  250  200  150  100   50   0   jan-­‐07   jan-­‐08   oct  09   sep-­‐10   jun-­‐11   jun-­‐12   oct  12  
  4. 4. Our  challenge  is  to   understand  it,  process  it,  extract  value  from  it,  remix  and  connect  it,  to  visualize   and  communicate  it.
  5. 5. To see this presentation again numrush.nlFor more big data cases & trends contact @marjolijn