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Educ 225 a case study


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Published in: Education
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Educ 225 a case study

  1. 1. A CASE STUDY:WHO’SRESPONSIBLE FORDAMIEN?By Ozlem Cevik, Marjie Hicks andMonique GuevaraEDUC 225 Family and CommunityRelationsApril 12, 2012
  2. 2. CLASS DISCUSSION:WHAT ARE THE ISSUES AT HAND?Without being specific, what are some of the issues that thiscase study presents?  Single parent, little or no support from other parent, lack of financial support, working 2 jobs  Older sibling who acts as caregiver sometimes  Student with disciplinary issues, unstructured time, no male role model, lack of supervision, possible that 1st hour needs are not being meant
  3. 3. CASE STUDY DISCUSSION:THEMES What is the impact of school rules and the consequences on this families life? How is the home environment impacting Damien’s behavior at school? Is there a way to maintain appropriate school environments? What are the different parties roles and responsibilities? How can home and school coordinate so that everyones best interest is being served?
  4. 4. THE PLAYERS Dedra – Damien’s mother Damien Tameka – Damien’s older sister Mrs. Jackson – Damien’s 1st grade teacher Mr. Hobbs – The principal of Damien’s school Briefly, how do you think each of these people feel? How does Dedra view her responsibility for Damien’s behavior at school? What about Mrs. Jackson? Who does she see as responsible for Damien’s behavior at school? What kind of principal do you think Mr. Hobbs is? What kind of parent do you think Dedra is?
  5. 5. THE ISSUES What are the major issues in this case? Is the school justified in having strict rules and consequences? Why or why not? Is Damien’s mother justified in her claim that the school is responsible for dealing with Damien while he is at school? Why or why not? Who needs help in this case? What kind of help? To what extent are school personnel expected to become involved in the lives of students? Should school personnel be held equally responsible for the learning achievement of all children regardless of their background?
  6. 6. PROBLEMS AND CONFLICTS Make a list of the major problems or conflicts in this scenario? Do they stem from Damien’s personal life or do the originate with the school? Taking a closer look at our list can you organize these problems into primary and secondary categories?Think about who is upset with who and why. What doeseach participant wish to achieve?
  7. 7. SOLUTIONSCould any of these problems or conflicts havebeen prevented? If you had been one of thesepeople, what might you have done differently? How can all parties work together to resolve the conflicts in this case to everyone’s benefit? What community agencies might be of help to Dedra and her family?
  8. 8. FIELD EXPERIENCESchool Based Community Based Presentation by:  Presentation by: Ozlem Cevik Marjie Hicks and Monique Guevara
  9. 9. FIELD EXPERIENCE BInterviewed: Shannon Gubser, Counselor Lackamas Elementary SchoolWithin the local community there are a variety of services available to families in need.Unfortunately due to the remote location of this school, only a few might benefit Damien and hisfamily as outlined in case study “A”. Within the immediate area here are some of the servicesthat were available.: Apple Health for KidsMedical insurance assistance for children on a sliding fee scale1-877-543-7669 Lyons Club/Yelm VisionAssistance with vision careContact school counselor for referral
  10. 10. FIELD EXPERIENCE B Crossroads Food BankCrossroads Covenant Community Church360-400-7877 Yelm Community ServicesFood Bank, Back Pack Food Program, Community Santa, Thrift Store360-458-7000 McKinney/Vento Homeless Assistance GrantFinancial assistance to help homeless familiesContact school counselor for
  11. 11. FIELD EXPERIENCE B Smile MobileMobile dental clinic that travels throughout Thurston County (part ofThurston County Housing Authority)Contact school counselor for information1-800-572-7835 Cascades Camp & Conference CenterChristian retreat that offers after school horsemanship program360-894-3838
  12. 12. FIELD EXPERIENCE B YCareBefore and after school care offered at selected schools in Yelm (notavailable at Lackamas) Lackamas ElementaryOffers parenting classes (Love & Logic)Contact school counselor for information360-894-0846
  13. 13. FIELD EXPERIENCE BParents or caregivers may request assistance directlyand/or be referred by counselor or other staff memberBecause of this schools isolated rural location there arenot many additional services available. A goodreference tool for parents and teachers alike is the2010-2012 Parent Resource Guide of Thurston County.It lists many community services that are available forchildren and families. A copy can be down loaded
  14. 14. FINAL REFLECTION Take a moment to reflect and pretend that you are a single parent faced with the situation in our case study. How is your perception of the issues different from that of the teacher or principal in this case? Now, put yourself in the role of teacher. Construct a list of classroom rules and the consequences for breaking them. Remember that these rules need to include how parents and administrators will be involved in supporting appropriate student behavior. What are the implications for family involvement as they relate to classroom and school rules?