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Braving to Self-Trust


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Any team required to create, innovate or change needs its members to be willing to show their vulnerability. That requires courage. And it requires trust. The trust that showing your vulnerability is safe to do.

BRAVING is an acronym that describes what actions can grow and erode trust.

It can be used to talk about trust issues without getting into a minefield.

It can also be used to grow your self-trust: your own trustworthiness in taking care of yourself.

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Braving to Self-Trust

  1. 1. Braving to Self-Trust Marjan Venema,@cabriodriver,
  2. 2. Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver,
  3. 3. Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver,
  4. 4. Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver,
  5. 5. Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Brené Brown Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
  6. 6. Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver,
  7. 7. Boundaries Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Did I respect my boundaries? Was I clear about what’s okay and what’s not okay?
  8. 8. Reliability Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Was I reliable? Can I count on myself to do what I committed to doing?
  9. 9. Accountability Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Did I hold myself accountable? Did I blame others? Did I hold others accountable with honesty and respect?
  10. 10. Vault Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Did I respect the vault and share appropriately?
  11. 11. Integrity Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Did I act from my integrity? Did I choose courage over comfort? Did I choose what’s right over what’s fun, fast, and easy? Did I practice my values?
  12. 12. Non-judgment Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Did I ask for what I needed? Was I nonjudgmental about needing help?
  13. 13. Generosity Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver, Was I generous toward myself?
  14. 14. • Anatomy of Trust (free class) the-anatomy-of-trust-working-leading (not in list of classes!) Marjan Venema, @cabriodriver,