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You are a detective


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You are a detective

  1. 1. Do you have the guts to solve the riddle? Will you be able to investigate the crime?
  2. 2. On Friday february 17th, at 6 or7 pm, in the bank, the light went out and there were gunshots, awoman screamed and the security closed the door, silence settled. The next day, the police investigate the crime, a man is dead in the balcony and seven witnesses or suspects are
  3. 3. You have to question the suspects-Paula Rob -Marrelin Blake -Jake Swend -Jackson Anderson -Mary Deagle -Nelson Parker -A man Dead in the -Kate Parker balcony
  4. 4. Mary Deagle Marrelin Blake Kate Parker-Was in the waiting -Was smoking in room. front of the bank -I was in the waiting room -Went in the -Went into the bank with my husband. corridor to get a to get a torch. -Followed my husband who torch. was looking for the exit. -saw someone Nelson Parker Jackson Jake Anderson Swend -I was Paula Rob chatting with-Was chatting with -Chatting Jackson -Chatting with Jake Nelson Parker in with Paula Anderson in Swend who is a the waiting room. Rob who is the waiting customer. - went to the a banker to room with -Went into the corridor to get a open an my wife. corridor to search light. account. -couldnt my mobile to call -Saw someone -Nothing. find the way the police. -Scared. out