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Social Media: How You Can Help


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Social Media in Manufacturing.

Corporate training program for social media beginners.

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Social Media: How You Can Help

  1. 1. Mariya Newman
  2. 2. What We Will Cover Today Social Media Strategy for B2B Companies Polymet’s Current Social Media Presence How You Can Help  Twitter  LinkedIn Social Media Policy
  3. 3. Why Use Social Media in B2B? Improves SEO by using multiple social sites Drives traffic to the website Builds relationships Makes your company more personal Generates leads Creates brand awareness
  4. 4. Polymet’s Social Media Tools Polymet’s Blog Facebook Page YouTube Channel Twitter Account LinkedIn Company Page
  5. 5. WARNING!!!Would you put it on the cover of the New York Times? If no, then… DON’T POST IT!!!
  6. 6. How You Can Help
  7. 7. TwitterTwitter is a microbloggingservice that allows you tosend a message about“What’s happening?” in140 characters, knownas "tweets"
  8. 8. What to Tweet Company news, PR, blog posts Industry articles, news, quotes Trade show live coverage, booth pictures Special offers and exclusive promotions Tips on how to use Polymet’s products
  9. 9. Twitter
  10. 10. Home Page
  11. 11. Profile Page
  12. 12. Engaging Technics Following Sending @replies Re-Tweeting Using the #tag (Hashtag)
  13. 13. FollowingFollowing someone on Twitter means: You are subscribing to their tweets Their updates will appear in your timeline That person has permission to send you direct private messages
  14. 14. Who to Follow
  15. 15. Sending @replies A reply is any update posted by clicking the "Reply" button on another Tweet Replies to you will show up in your @PolymetCorp tab on your homepage (@mentions)
  16. 16. @mentions on Twitter
  17. 17. Sending @replies
  18. 18. Re-TweetThe re-tweet (or “RT”) allows Twitter users toshare the best links, tweets, and interestingfacts they find from others users
  19. 19. Tweet and Re-Tweet
  20. 20. Using #tagHashtag = # before relevantkeywordsUsed to spread and categorizeinformation on Twitter
  21. 21. #tag Examples
  22. 22. Rule to RememberDont #spam #with #hashtags
  23. 23. Mobile Tweeting
  24. 24. Twitter Lingo Review Tweet – 140 character or less post on Twitter by Twitter users Re-Tweeting (RT) – act of sharing someone else’s tweet with your followers @reply - tweet directed to another user in reply to their tweet
  25. 25. Twitter Lingo Review @mention – any tweet that contains @username anywhere in the body of the tweet #tag (hashtag) - # symbol before a relevant keyword Following - subscribing to other Tweets as a follower
  26. 26. WARNING!!!If you wouldn’t want what you post on your social media sites to be printed on the front page of the New York Times then DON’T POST IT!!!
  27. 27. How You Can Help Part 2
  28. 28. LinkedIn World’s largest professional network Enables you to connect with your customers, vendors and colleagues Generates new leads Increases Polymet’s visibility online
  29. 29. LinkedIn
  30. 30. LinkedIn – Profile Settings Link to your company’s website and LinkedIn company page Add a photo Make your public profile visible to everyone Update your experience at Polymet with a brief company description Periodically update your status
  31. 31. LinkedIn – Building Your Network Add your clients and vendors to your network Check your contacts and their connections Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and participate in conversations
  32. 32. LinkedIn – Adding Contacts
  33. 33. LinkedIn – Searching Contacts
  34. 34. LinkedIn Groups Join groups that are relevant to your industry where you can contribute or learn Start discussions on items relevant to the group Comment on discussions where you have something to say Check for group members that you may want to add to your network
  35. 35. LinkedIn Groups Search
  36. 36. LinkedIn Groups –Starting a Discussion
  37. 37. LinkedIn Groups –Leaving Comments
  38. 38. WARNING!!!Once it’s published, you can’t bring it back!
  39. 39. Social Media Etiquette Be respectful Demonstrate what you know Be responsive Think before posting Consider your audience Speak for yourself Don’t participate in a fight React first to your own mistakes Bring value
  40. 40. Social Media Policy