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Settlements (5 B)


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Settlements (5 B)

  1. 1. SETTLEMENTS A settlementis acommunity. Itcontainshomes and thepeople wholive in thosehouses.
  2. 2. The name of oursettlement isArrigorriaga. Itis a big town. Ithas got morethan 12.000inhabitants.
  3. 3. It has got bigblocks of flatsand a lot ofhouses.People workon differentjobs.
  4. 4. People move People speakon different differentmeans of languages.transport. People get food, clothes, etc, in different shops.
  5. 5. BUILDINGSIn Arrigorriaga we have got a newTown Hall.We have got a big Sports Centre infront of our school.
  6. 6. BUILDINGSIn this town there aresome supermarkets.We have got two libraries.
  7. 7. BUILDINGS IIIIn aroundaboutthere is astatue.In Arrigorriagawe have gottwo footballgrounds.
  8. 8. Here we havesome shops. InArrigorriaga thereis a health centre.We have got arailway station, abasket ball pitch,two opticians,some bus stops, atheatre (Lonbo)and a lot of banks.
  9. 9. We can see some squares, a church, a post office, some restaurants, a lot of houses, five fountains, two parks, two traffic lights, a long bridge. On the way to Ugao there is a petrol station. We dont have skycrapers or hospitals.
  10. 10. In the Clowns days In our houses andwe can see funny restaurants thereclowns. are very good cook.
  11. 11. Policemen in There are someArrgorriaga are sailors in our townvery expert. and some taxi drivers too.
  12. 12. JobsIn Arrigorriaga school thereare a lot of teachers.Student’s doctor’s name isFernando.
  13. 13. Bakers in ourtown make avery good sweetbread.In Arrigorriagathere is a manworking as a TVreporter.
  14. 14. ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE These are the essential for life:-Drinking water-Sleeping-Having lunch-Eating vegetables
  15. 15. ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE II-Washing our clothes-Talking-Living with people-Reading books-Wearing clothes-Eating food
  16. 16. NON-ESSENTIALFOR LIFE th ese pin ion In m yo tial on e ssen a re n f or l ife:
  17. 17. Playing computers .Riding a bike.Dancing.Playing football.Eating cakes.Drinking lemonade.Watching TV.In our society reading books and livingwith peoples are essential for life.
  18. 18. I feel sleepy inthe night whenI go to bed. I feel rebel when I see my enemy.
  19. 19. My friend feels sorry when she doesnt do her homework.My dad feels furious when I have a bad behaviour.
  20. 20. EMOTIONSI feel nervous if I have an exam.My mum feels happy when I cleanmy bedroom. I feel lucky when Iget something in a championship.We feel elegant in a marriage.
  21. 21. EMOTIONSWe have to be We feel tired whenmute when we practise sports.teacher isexplaining .
  22. 22. Mikel feelssurprised in his We feel sad when abirthday when person dies .receives presents.
  23. 23. We feel lovingly when we kiss our friends ,family …
  24. 24. MY SCHOOLMy school is located between UrgoitiRoad, Mikel Alonsotegi and SeveroOchoa streets.My school is very big.It has got three buildings.It hasn’t got a laboratory.
  25. 25. There are two music rooms.There are some toilets.There is a big canteen.There is a gymnasium in the SportsCentre.It has got two playgrounds.
  26. 26. My schoolThere are 2headteachers’soffices. Thereare 2 computerrooms. There isone library.There are a lotof rooms. Thereare someblackboards.
  27. 27. We leandifferentsubjects:English, Maths,projects,Spanish… In ourclass we havegot a lot ofdictionaries
  28. 28. We have got avideo room. Thereare a lot ofchildren andteachers. Everystudents in 5thand 6th levelshave got a laptop.
  29. 29. Made by:Primary 5 B studentsArrigorriaga schoolJune 2012