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Jone eta Nahikari ppt


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Jone and Nahikari have done this lovely presentation. Enjoy it!

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Jone eta Nahikari ppt

  1. 1. • Say how much you eat of these things.
  2. 2. • Were you at home yesterday ?• Yes, I was
  3. 3. • Were you ill?• No, I wasn`t• Were your friends at school yesterday?• No , they weren´t
  4. 4. • Was your father at work yesterday?• No , He wasn´t• Were there any letters for you yesterday?• No. They weren´t
  5. 5. • Was there a parcel for you?• Yes , It was• Did you have lunch at home yesterday?• Yes, I did
  6. 6. • Was there a football match on television yesterday?• Yes, There was
  7. 7. • Was your favouru¡iteprogramme on television last night?• Yes, It was
  8. 8. Made by: Jone AndNahikari