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Grammar exercises


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A ppt made by two girls in primary 6

Published in: Education, Sports
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Grammar exercises

  1. 1. GRAMMAR BOOKLETWhere were they yesterday?
  2. 2. Peter was at the theatre.
  3. 3. Mark was at the cinema.
  4. 4. Diana was at the circus.
  5. 5. Mick and David were at the sports center.
  6. 6. Paul was at the library.
  7. 7. Molly and Pan were at the zoo.
  8. 8. Jean and Pat were at the youth club.
  9. 9. Jill and John were at the sciencie museum.
  10. 10. Trig was at the sailing club.
  11. 11. By: Batirtze and Naroa.