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eTAXOFFICE Taxpayers Electronic Education, Counselling and Information Service System


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eTAXOFFICE Taxpayers Electronic Education, Counselling and Information Service System.
The Objective of the Project - STI provides education,
consultation and information services at a higher-level –
electronically, interactively or over other channels chosen by
the tax payer. A new STI web site (ESKIS portal) is
created for taxpayers are able to access all their information,
change registration data, submit various requests (e.g., to pay
back a tax overpayment, to issue or renew business license),
complaints, to participate in e-seminars, and e-conferences. A
digital assistant and electronic service guide helps to search
for information on the portal. Using the e-seminars, e-conferences, distance education
means taxpayers can register for the desired workshops and
other events organized by the STI, put your seminar schedule,
download, subscribe to the training material tax issues. Using
system taxpayers have a possibility to participate in the STI
organized - conveying auctions or purchase directly online
store. Discussion module enables taxpayers to interact in a
virtual environment, exchange ideas and experiences. Digital
Assistant provides assistance to an automated method based
on the most frequently asked questions (answers are provided
by the question in keywords). The system has functionality that allows the taxpayer to view
the all existing information about himself: providing relevant
information about the registration in databases, accounting
information, information about certificates issued permits
received, the procedures performed, the requests and
inquiries. The system provides customized reports and
information about the taxpayer's decision: reminders for
documents, to pay a fees for extension of services, notification
of the commencement of proceedings against him to carry
information on the taxpayer’s rights and responsibilities for
the development of procedures, and other topics.).
The system currently offers 46 different types of electronic
services (that can be switched off and on by STI). STI's
employees have the flexibility to expand the set of services by
adding simple one without software development knowledge. The system has two: internal and external portals. With the
internal portal STI staff can manage the services. External site
shares additional public information about STI and its
services. Both portals have installed content management
system, that enables staff to modify system options and create
pages for public information.
Technology ESKIS uses the Oracle SOA Suite environment (Oracle BPEL,
OSB and other products) for the process management, the
portal is developed on the basis of Microsoft.NET platform.
Public part of Portal is based on LifeRay. There were also
used Oracle BI Publisher, Moodle, Drupal, OptimalSite ir
Virtual Specialist products.

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eTAXOFFICE Taxpayers Electronic Education, Counselling and Information Service System

  1. 1. State Tax Inspectorate (Lithuania) Fully digital eGovernment Conference 14th - 15th November, 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania
  2. 2. Transition towards “fully digital” . (2004) e-declaration system 2/42 (2012) Information system for education, consulting & information provision e-services for tax payers (e. STI)
  3. 3. Challenges: Citizens & Business before 2004 3/42
  4. 4. Challenges: Citizens & Business before 2004 4/42
  5. 5. Challenges: Tax Inspectorate before 2004 5/42
  6. 6. Challenges: Tax Inspectorate before 2004 6/42
  7. 7. Changes in declaration after 2004 7/42 Fully digital processes: 1. E-declarations pre-filled with data received from third parties, e.g. employers 2. Informing taxpayers about document processing results and identified errors 3. Informing taxpayers about their obligation to submit non-submitted and missing taxpayer returns 4. Reduced calculation errors 5. Less complex calculations
  8. 8. Benefits: Citizens & Business before 2004 8/42 after 2004
  9. 9. Benefits: Tax Inspectorate before 2004 9/42 after 2004
  10. 10. Interesting facts January – September 2013: • 4.4 million declarations submitted; 3.9 million - electronically -> 90% • Natural persons: 2 million declarations submitted; 1.7 million - electronically -> 84% • Legal persons: 2.3 million declarations submitted; 2.2 million - electronically -> 95% 10/42
  11. 11. Transition towards “fully digital” . (2004) e-declaration system 11/42 (2012) Information system for education, consulting & information provision e-services for tax payers (e. STI)
  12. 12. In 2010 tax payers preferred… •… electronic services -> up to 90 % tax payers •… online consultations -> up to 46 % tax payers •… online trainings -> up to 42 % tax payers •… self-services -> Reasons: faster, more accurate 12/42
  13. 13. Key e. STI results 13/42
  14. 14. e. STI services groups 1. Register tax payers 2. Register VAT payers 3. Register natural persons providing business services 4. Manage tax accounting data 5. Excise services 6. Declaration services 7. Education and consulting services 8. Order sertificates and other documents 9. Send reminders to declare / pay taxes 10. Other 14/42
  15. 15. e. STI benefits 1. Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for tax payers 2. New and more effective channel for tax payers and STI specialist to: • Get / provide services • Consult & communicate • Learn / educate 3. Saved resources (time, money, etc.) of tax payers and STI 15/42
  16. 16. [vedlys – “any citizen / business can...”] 16/42
  17. 17. Interesting facts • January – October 2013: number of “My STI” users increased from ~45.000 to more than 280.000 users -> more than 6 times • During October 2013: first month after the launch ~900 electronic inquiries to consult about tax related questions received -> more than 73% of all written inquiries 17/42
  18. 18. Interesting facts • April – November 2013: E-assistant already answered more then 15.000 questions • Most common questions: Related to registering natural persons providing business services 18/42
  19. 19. Various changes had to be made to create e. STI Processes 19/42 Technology Organization Users
  20. 20. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users Process 1. Merged services, reduced number of application forms. re-engineering: Now they are easier to find and order for tax payer, and less time consuming to administer for STI 20/42
  21. 21. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users Process 2. Pre-filled application forms. Now they save time needed to re-engineering: fill-in and check the form, and reduce incorrect data submission 21/42
  22. 22. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users Process 3. Eliminated redundant data entry fields, process steps, e.g. various re-engineering: reports, obligations that are redundant to make the decision. Now they reduce administrative burden for citizens and businesses 22/42
  23. 23. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users Process 4. Incorporated automatic activities: verifications, controls, e.g. re-engineering: automatic verification of VAT payers, liabilities for social insurance. Now they make service information more accurate and eliminate user activities 23/42
  24. 24. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users Process 5. Document eliminated as a result (where possible); instead - record re-engineering: in the register which is easily accessible anytime by anyone 24/42
  25. 25. [vedlys – “small business owner can...”, apimantis ir turimo VL patikrinimą portale] 25/42
  26. 26. Interesting facts January – October 2013 STI registered electronically: • more than 28.000 natural persons providing business services -> ~13% of all registrations • more than 30.000 tax payers -> ~66% of all registrations 26/42
  27. 27. Interesting facts • Registration document eliminated as a result – business partners, controlling institutions, other parties are able to access registration data publically Certificate ................ ................ ................ 27/42
  28. 28. Changes Processes Technology New e-services (mainly self services): 28/42 Organization Users 1. Personalized tax payer’s account, calendar 2. E-seminars & registration 3. E-assistant 4. E-forums 5. Reminders for tax payers 6. E-shop, e-auctions
  29. 29. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users • Integration of STI information systems (Oracle Fusion Middleware solution) • Development of e-services platform (BPM and BPEL implementation) • New Portal & new content management tool • E-services integration with other institutions using SOA architecture 29/42
  30. 30. Changes Processes 30/42 Technology Organization Users
  31. 31. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users Usage of horizontal ICT enablers: • eIdentity - online identification, and authentication • eDocuments – means to sign documents electronically • Authentic sources – data from other national Lithuanian registers are used • Single Sign On - access to multiple systems without the need to log in multiple times 31/42
  32. 32. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users • Correction, creation of legal base to ensure legal e-services provision • Centralizing provision of some services, i.e. tasks are executed by centrally assigned employees • Some services will be provided only online, e.g. registration of excise subjects • Promotion, incentives to use digital services 32/42
  33. 33. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users • One Single Point of Contact - all STI services, other information can be received in one place • Self-services created – no need to contact STI • Segmented information • Personalized information 33/42
  34. 34. Changes Processes Technology Organization Users When using e-services: • Applications are pre-filled, can be filled based on previously submitted data • Automatic controls minimize errors and reduce number of correction cycles • Results, notifications are received faster 34/42
  35. 35. [vedlys – “accountant can...”] 35/42
  36. 36. Interesting facts • March – October 2013: ~35.000 applications to retrieve tax overpayment (difference) submitted electronically -> ~70% • Possibility pay taxes or other payment electronically via 8 different banks 36/42
  37. 37. in 2013 STI – fully digital, all services can be reached online 37/42
  38. 38. 38/42
  39. 39. I can get e-services I can get online consultations 39/42 I can get personal taxrelated info, selfservices I can get online trainings
  40. 40. [vedlys – “STI can...”] 40/42
  41. 41. Interesting facts • 99 % STI employees use e. STI in their everyday activities. 62 % STI employees use My STI to fulfil their duties. • January – October 2013: STI sent more than 180 thousand reminders to declare / pay taxes • The largest batch of reminders (22,103) was sent for Legal persons to remind about Corporate tax on 2013-05-28 41/42