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MedExpert Quiz


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e-learning application

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MedExpert Quiz

  1. 1. MedExpert Quiz
  2. 2. DescriptionMedExpert Quiz is an e-learning platform, dedicated to pharmaindustry, which allows:7.Access to learning materials, so the employees get the necessary knowledge for its activity and be to date with the latest news.9.Periodical evaluation of the employees.11.Maintaining of a stimulating, competitive atmosphere among the employees.
  3. 3. MedExpert QuizManagementul Managementul utilizatorilor intrebarilor Managementul Managementul bibliografiei testelor Rapoarte Bibliografie Sustinerea testelor
  4. 4. Features - manager -A manager can:5.add questions and answers;6.add learning materials.7.create tests.This module is installed on Windows pc’s.
  5. 5. Test generationIn order to create tests, a manager has only to define the testparameters:5.Number of questions per category and dificulty;6.Number of questions per brand;7.Allocation per business unit;8.Passing score.The system generates randomly, based on the parameters, a uniquetest for each user.
  6. 6. Features - tests -This module is web-based and can be used on any platform (pc,tablet, smartphone) with any OS (Windows, Android, Apple).When a user is allocated to a test, he/she receives an emailnotification, with the test details.After login, the user can see the active tests, the passed tests andthe future tests.After passing a test, the user sees:7.The number of points;8.The status: graduated/rejected;9.The recommended learning materials for the questions with pointsbellow the passing threshold.
  7. 7. Learning materials managementThe learning materials can be allocated on:4.Users.5.Brands.6.Question categories.Thus, the learning materials can be found easily.
  8. 8. Reports2.Results per test.4.Results per question category.6.Graduation.8.Dispersion score.10.Results per user.
  9. 9. Results per test
  10. 10. Results per question category
  11. 11. Graduation
  12. 12. Dispersion score
  13. 13. Results per user
  14. 14. Benefits3.Easy access to learning materials.5.A very simple mechanism to generate tests.7.The employees are always updated with the necessaryknowledge.9.Easy process of objective evaluation of the employees.11.Stimulating, competitive atmosphere among the employees.
  15. 15. Over 600 users
  16. 16. Contact• ROMANIA, Craiova• Tel : +40.351.176804• Fax : +40.361.816395•••• www.softexpertmobility.comMedExpert Platform is developed by SoftExpert Mobility