The Questionnaire


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This is a lesson in Research for the undergraduate course where writing a questionnaire is the main concern in the preparation of a PowerPoint Presentation. It provides added information on how to write an effective tool of gathering a data for Descriptive Research.

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The Questionnaire

  1. 1. 1.Know the functions and parts of a Questionnaire 2. Describe a good questionnaire 3.Evaluate a questionnaire 4. Qualify a questionnaire from the Title, Statement of the Problem, and the Concept drawn 5. Appreciate the value of questionnaire 6. Write a draft questionnaire of your own
  2. 2. Meaning of Questionnaire It is a set of questions on a form, used to collect statistical information or opinions from people of various age, level that are randomly selected
  3. 3. Parts of a Questionnaire 1. Heading or Title 2. Directions 3. Body – Profile & Other needed Information 4. Questions- Open and Closed 5. Closing statement 6. Name of the Person gathering the Information
  4. 4. The Heading • • • It consists of a title such as Questionnaire for StudentRespondents”; and the letter or a communication to the addressee concerning the purpose and use of the document. The research title of the researcher should be included in the communication subscribing the approval of the intended audience/ respondent.
  5. 5. The Directions • It contains a complete guide • in the answering of the content • requiring the respondent(s) to agree on the needed information as honestly done to assure of reliability in their responses and the importance of their answers to the result of the study at hand. It also includes the specific rating scale and qualitative interpretation for the respondents’ bases in checking, filling up or providing additional opinion regarding the variables studied. •
  6. 6. The Body This is the heart of the document It requires various sets of questions that are needed in the specific topics found in key words of research title, statement of the problem, conceptual frame, and the content discussion of the introduction/ rationale of the research. With incomplete data that represent the whole study will demand further studies in the future and lessen the reliability of data gathered.
  7. 7. Open and Closed Questions Open question is a type of question that needs explanation, a sentence completion or a further construction of paragraphs to clarify the required answers needed by the researcher Closed questions are those that can be answered by Yes or No, and will provide ready conclusions to the questions raised. The questionnaire that includes a rating equivalency where the respondent will be allowed to choose the answer(s) to the information needed by the researcher is another example of a closed question because there are no other choices required for the respondents to write/ explain.
  8. 8. Closing and Name of the Researcher The purpose of closing statement and the name of the respondent is for proof or verification. It is a sign of gratitude from the researcher owing the respondent(s) for the time extended in answering the questionnaire.
  9. 9. LET US TRY TO CRITIC THE QUESTIONNAIRE(S) • • The questionnaire on: 1. Consumer Satisfaction and Purchase decision toward Strategic Marketing Plan of SM Supermart, Santiago City • 2. The Student Supreme Council’s Role on Implementation of Leadership Training at Cagayan Valley Computer & Information technology College, Santiago City
  10. 10. Activity Questions • Did the requirements needed in the questionnaire complete? Incomplete? Why? • Confirm by enumerating the key words that you saw from the sample questionnaire(s) • Give at least 2 examples of questions that are appropriate in your individual study; indicate whether these questions are within your identified key words, SOP, or in Conceptual frame of your research.
  11. 11. Assignment • Be able to upload your draft questionnaire in either the yahoo mail or in attached document of facebook account. • Tag me or send me an e mail to my e mail account • Without completing all the requirements to this course will determine your grade from INC, DFA, or FAILED • Submit on time to minimize problems on grades