15 meland norwegian hull mlc - forsikringsrettslige konsekvenser


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15 meland norwegian hull mlc - forsikringsrettslige konsekvenser

  1. 1. ReliabilityStability
  2. 2. Maritime Labour ConventionForsikringsrettslige konsekvenser Bergen, 24.03.11 Casper M. Meland
  3. 3. Innledning Formål  Ensrettede regler  Minimumskrav til sosialt sikkerhetsnett for sjøfolk Nasjonale krav  Sjømannens nasjonalitet  Lokal lovgivning Flaggstat  Skipets Flagg  Flaggstatens lovgivning
  4. 4. Nasjonale krav Art. 1.4 – Recruitment and placement  Licensing or certification  ”establish a system of protection, by way of insurance or an equivalent appropriate measure, to compensate seafarers for monetary loss that they may incur as a result of the failure of a recruitment and placement service or the relevant shipowner under the seafarers’ employment agreement to meet its obligations to them”  Jfr AML, AMWA  WG 9th session March 2009  Direct Action against the security provider Art. B.4.1.5  ”Each Member should adopt measures to secure proper and sufficient medical care for the dependants of seafarers domiciled in its territory pending the development if a medical care service which would include within its scope workers generally and their dependants where such services do not exist and should inform the International Labour Office concerning measures taken for this purpose.”
  5. 5. Nasjonale krav II Art. 4.5 – Social Security  ”Each Member shall ensure that all seafarers and, to the extent provided for in its national law, their dependents have access to social security protection in accordance with the Code …”  ”Each Member shall take steps according to its national circumstances to provice complementary social security protection referred to in paragraph 1 of this Standard to all seafarers ordinarily resident in its territory”  At least three of Nine;  ”Medical care, sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, old.age benefit, employment injury benefit, family benefit, maternity benefit, invalidity benefit and survivors benefit, complementing the protection …(P&I).”
  6. 6. Risiko Kostnad PlasseringStat Forsikring Sosial Reder Gruppe Individ
  7. 7. Flaggstat Art 2.1. Seafarers’ employment agreements  Nr. 4 ”Seafarers’ employment agreement shall in all cases contain the following particulars:”  H) ”the health and social security protection benefits to be provided to the seafarer by the shipowner”  Art 4.5 ”ensure that all seafarer…” Art A.4.1 – Medical care on board ship and ashore  ”Each Member shall ensure that measures providing for health protection and medical care, including essential dental care, for seafarers working on board a ship that flies its flag are adopted…”  Jfr Art A 4.5. Sjømenn fra land som ikke har ratifisert?
  8. 8. Faktisk Kunnskaps- og dekningsbilde Ikke medlems Nasjonale stat regler Flaggstat/ Konvensjon Gruppe / Individ P&I forsikring Trygd og forsikring nasjonal lovgivning
  9. 9. Konsekvens Kostnad Dekning MarkedKunnskap Compliance Gruppe Individ SKADEIndemnity Cash Less Statistikk Kontantstrøm
  10. 10. Bergen 24.03.2011Takk for oppmerksomheten! Casper M. Meland