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Prepositions in on at


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Prepositions in on at

  1. 1. PREPOSITIONSKIND TIME PLACEAT Specific at 12h30 Very specific at 502 sul time at my Address+ n# street at birthday Place in the at the bank at christmas city at school at nightON Designate: on Saturday Name of: on Comercial Days on may 1st Street Avenue dates on New years Square on time Square day Avenue on BroadwayIN Nonspecific in XX century Continente in Greece time: in 1997 Country in Rio Centuries in 80´s City in Taguatinga Years in the Middle Nighborhood Months Age Seasons
  2. 2. NOTES IN ONIn the car on the busIn the taxi on the train on the ship on the plane In time on the radio on the phone on the internet on tv on board on foot on line on the way on the contrary on the beach on the road
  3. 3. Choose either in, at or on :1. He went his friends _________house.2. She arrived _________Manchester for the celebrations.3. Joanna works ________the hospital.4. Why dont we go _________the movies tonight?5. Im going to see Hania _______ France this summer.6. I arrived work early __________this morning.7. We stayed __________the Mieszko Hotel.8. Ill be ________school later today.9. Lets meet ________seven oclock.10. He was born ________July.11. I went there ____________1998.12. Shell be at work _____________Thursday.13. We met _________Christmas day.14. They drove to Barlinek ________September 15th.15. I love to go shopping _________Christmas time.16. We get up early ________the morning.17. Do you dream ________night?18. What do you like doing ___________weekends?