Social Media Bootcamp - day 3


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Day 3 of Social Media Bootcamp presented through Community Media Workshop by Demetrio Maguigad and Marissa Wasseluk. Here we cover social media tools & best practices for their use.

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Social Media Bootcamp - day 3

  1. 1. socialmediabootcampDemetrio P. Maguigad & Marissa WasselukCommunity Media Workshop312-369-6400demetrio@newstips.orgFollow on Twitter @dmaguigad& @marissapaige& @npcommunicator
  2. 2. *OH SNAP!*A QUIZ!!!
  3. 3. social media plan review
  4. 4. Blogs,Facebook,Twitter,Dashboards,Youtube& Other Tactics
  5. 5. What you should bedoing with your Blog
  6. 6. 1. Read other blogs and link 2. Respond to other blogs or comment 3. Create conversations based on four basic goals 4. Be inclusive 5. Share your posts across platforms6. Be timely and always appropriately tag and categorize your stories
  7. 7. Facebookcommunity platform push & pull
  8. 8. What you should bedoing on Facebook
  9. 9. 1. Allow more then one administrator 2. Open the space to your fans3. Create unique experiences for your fans 4. Use Facebook Ads & other tools5. Introduce and provide context to content you share 6. Communicate visually
  10. 10. Twitter Listen & monitorTweet speaks to all Follow & shareImmediate & wide
  11. 11. What you should be doing on Twitter
  12. 12. 1. Create a personable avatar and profile 2. Use hashtags but make them short 3. Search, Listen & Follow4. Retweet relevant tweets to your followers 5. Always reply to tweets directed to you 6. Create lists
  13. 13. LinkedinConnects corporate donors to your causeA new and different social channelthat provides new opportunities of exposure!
  14. 14. What you should be doing onLinkedin
  15. 15. LinkedinBest Practice:• Build your presence – Create and claim your organization’s page – Have all employees, board members, and volunteers link to it in their individual profiles • Follow and share your company page
  16. 16. Your Linkedin Organizational Page• Optimizing your page – Take advantage of all social features • (edit your settings to connect) • Connect to twitter (#in) • Show your blog posts – Keep it as professional and complete as possible • Logo, description, website link, put yourself in the correct category
  17. 17. YourLinkedinOrganizational Page
  18. 18. LinkedinBest Practice:• Treat Linkedin like Facebook (but you know, with that air of professionalism)• Have a clear heading and succinct summary• REMEMBER – you are LINKED to your org with your personal Linkedin profile – there is no line of separation.
  19. 19. DashboardsManage social accountsStreamline your communications
  20. 20. What you should bedoing on Dashboards
  21. 21. 1. Import Facebook profile and pages, Twitter, Linkedin and other social profiles 2. Launch statuses across platforms 3. Search and save streams4. Coordinate with other staff 5. Manage your time 6. Add other admins
  22. 22. Other Tools for management and measuring analytics• SproutSocial• Tweetstat
  23. 23. Other Tools Youtube E-Mail Print QR Codes Other
  24. 24. What’s New What’s Next?
  25. 25. Q&A