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  1. 1. Behaviorism By Marissa D
  2. 2. What is Behaviorism?• The prediction and control of human behavior in which introspection and or independent thinking play no essential part of it’s teaching methods.• Behaviorist recognizes no divide between human and animal because both learn to behave solely through positive and negative rewards.
  3. 3. Ivan Pavlov• Used conditioning to teach dogs to salivate when he rang a bell.• When he provided a stimulus (food) and the dogs provided the reflex (salivation), he would ring a bell. The dogs then associated the bell with food even if the food was not present.• This is called classic conditioning.
  4. 4. B.F Skinner• Operant conditioning- learning that is controlled and results in shaping behavior through the reinforcement of stimulus response patterns.• Skinner experimented with pigeons, rewarding them when he got the desired behavior from them.
  5. 5. Albert Bandura• He believes that people acquire behaviors ,first, through the observation of others and ,then, by using those observations to imitate what they have observed.• Social learning aka Social Cognitive Theory• Observational modeling- watching something and then mimicking the observed behavior.
  6. 6. In The Classroom• Many classroom management techniques are based on operant conditioning.• Many computer-based instruction and educational software are based on operant conditioning- They provide positive and negative reinforcement.
  7. 7. Behaviorism in My Class• I think in my classroom, students will be rewarded for their good behavior, such as following instructions and getting good grades.• Students will also be aware of negative reinforcements for bad behavior or grades.
  8. 8. Sources• Information: Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom by Shelly, Gunter, Gunter Sixth Edition• Photos: tasty-dog-food/