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Where To Publish Your Videos for Maximum Reach and Visibility - Mari Smith & Wave Video App


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Where to publish your videos for maximum reach and visibility - Part 2 of 3: VIDEO DISTRIBUTION. Please enjoy this exciting video training series. In this second session, I’ll share my top tips for getting the most out of your recorded and live videos on Facebook and how to leverage the power of other social platforms. This series is brought to you by Wave Video App, one of my new favorite tools.

If you missed Part 1: VIDEO CREATION How To Create Engaging Social Videos, you can catch that here:
& slides here:

Coming up in Part 3 on August 24th, 2017 live on my Facebook Page: VIDEO OPTIMIZATION. How to amplify reach on Facebook: Mari’s ninja tricks

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Where To Publish Your Videos for Maximum Reach and Visibility - Mari Smith & Wave Video App

  1. 1. @MariSmith @WaveVideoApp Where to publish your videos for maximum reach & visibility by Mari Smith 1 PART 2 of 3 VIDEO DISTRIBUTION:
  2. 2. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Optimize for mobile Videos: square & portrait Short-form ‘snackable’ content Over half of video content is viewed on mobile Facebook TV is here: Watch! Are you ready? 2 Part 1 - Recap
  3. 3. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Visit: 3 Review of Wave Video App
  4. 4. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Always upload natively Not YouTube or other links Shorter is better – especially for ads More people watch <15 second videos to the end Use Facebook Publishing Tools Schedule Crosspost Reuse videos in multiple posts/Pages 4 Video publishing tips
  5. 5. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Mobile vs. desktop? Mobile = filters, masks, invite viewers to join New: Live Stories for personal profiles Desktop = limited on FB Facebook vs. 3rd party apps? BlueJeans eCamm Live Wirecast 5 Facebook Live video
  6. 6. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Create great videos first Edit as you wish Check out Wave Video App! Upload to a 3rd party Facebook Live Tool eCamm Live Wirecast BlueJeans 6 Broadcasting videos to Live
  7. 7. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Should you be transparent? Depends on the purpose E.g. celeb shows like Oprah, Ellen Suggestions: Let your audience know you’re live in the comments answering questions State in the description ‘previously recorded’? Use a combo of you live + recorded video (my fave!) 7 Faux Live or Real Live?
  8. 8. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Add captions! Generate on Facebook or other Ensure the title/first line is compelling Choose or upload a thumbnail Apply The Mari Method Video #3 – coming up! 8 Optimize reach
  9. 9. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Should you upload your Facebook Live videos to YouTube? Why not?  Could be an edited version Instagram Square format, <60 seconds Twitter Square format, 15-30 seconds (max 140s) 9 Repurpose video for other platforms
  10. 10. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Embed videos from Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Drive traffic from other sources to specific videos (on Facebook) Include video in your email marketing 10 Include your blog/website
  11. 11. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Use Wave Video App to easily create striking cover videos Include your own clips + stock Showcase your work Spotlight customers Meet the team Load to YouTube, Twitter? Embed in a blog post! 11 Create Facebook cover videos
  12. 12. @marismith @WaveVideoApp 12 Summary 1. Upload natively to Facebook 2. Optimize both recorded & Live 3. Repurpose video content 4. Maximize reach with multiple uses
  13. 13. @marismith @WaveVideoApp Video Training Series 13 Facebook: @marismith Twitter: @marismith Instagram: @mari_smith LinkedIn: marismith Web: Part #1 of 3 VIDEO CREATION: Getting started with video creation Part #2 of 3 VIDEO DISTRIBUTION: Where to publish your videos for maximum reach & visibility Part #3 of 3 VIDEO OPTIMIZATION: How to amplify reach on Facebook – Mari’s ninja tricks NEXT: