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Mari Smith Keynote for Mayo Clinic Social Media Network - Facebook Success Strategies


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FACEBOOK SUCCESS STRATEGIES - Proven Ways To Increase Your Reach, Engagement & Results. Mari Smith's opening keynote at the #MCSMN annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. December 11-12, 2017.

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Mari Smith Keynote for Mayo Clinic Social Media Network - Facebook Success Strategies

  1. 1. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN#MCSMN FACEBOOK SUCCESS STRATEGIES Proven Ways To Increase Your Reach, Engagement & Results #MCSMN by Mari Smith Premier Facebook Marketing Expert
  2. 2. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 2@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Mobile Over 86% of Facebook users Video 79% of all global consumer internet traffic will come from video by 2018 (Cisco) Messaging apps Gen Z Ages 18 & under 30% of the global population (40% by 2020) Their favorite app is YouTube! How the world is communicating
  3. 3. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 3@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Spend 5 hours per day on mobile devices U.S. Consumers 1 hour = Facebook ½ hour = Messaging
  4. 4. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 4#MCSMN CONTENT on Facebook What’s working now?
  5. 5. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 5@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Facebook TV
  6. 6. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 6@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Five Facebook video factors “We identified five factors related to the rise of online video viewing” Smartphones Shorter attention spans Binge-watching Importance of context Thrill of novelty
  7. 7. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN#MCSMN 7 A recent eye- tracking study shows people gaze FIVE times longer at video than static content on Facebook & Instagram.
  8. 8. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 8@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Top video topics
  9. 9. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 9@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Example - UPMC
  10. 10. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 10@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Brands that fail to incorporate visuals and videos will be left by the wayside. ~Forbes
  11. 11. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 11@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN THUMB-stopping!!!! Craft for MAXIMUM SHARES “OMG, I must share this! Now!” Ideally: Educational Inspirational Entertaining Mari’s #1 Content Creation Tip
  12. 12. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 12@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Example – Providence Health Care
  13. 13. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 13#MCSMN Facebook Reach What you need to know
  14. 14. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 14@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Seeing your content Not seeing your content 1-6%
  15. 15. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN#MCSMN 15 Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. ~Brightcove
  16. 16. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 16@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN The race for digital streaming TV! Longer form (90 secs+) Series (episodic) Short form ads (5-15 secs) Video gets more reach & engagement
  17. 17. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 17@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Short, catchy creative! Average = 84 characters, median = 61 characters Use thumb-stopping creative
  18. 18. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 18@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Video & images native to mobile include: Square Portrait Canvas Stories Carousel Up to 10 images/videos Optimize for mobile
  19. 19. @MariSmith @MayoClinic 19#MCSMN Develop short-form, ‘snackable’ content. ~Sheryl Sandberg
  20. 20. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 20@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN All ads must DRIVE BUSINESS Proxy metrics: Video views, likes, lift in ad recall Ad = purchase (Sheryl Sandberg) See an ad, go out and buy a truck See an ad, go get a Starbucks Facebook’s new #1 focus for ADS
  21. 21. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN#MCSMN 21 People are 67 percent more likely to watch a square video to completion than they are to watch a horizontal one. ~Laundry Service
  22. 22. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 22@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN iPhone Photography School 1M views 800 shares Longer videos are okay for ads, too 8+ minutes Tutorial Educational Entertaining Example video ad - long
  23. 23. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 23@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 43% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. ~Buffer The challenge with video
  24. 24. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 24@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Visit: Wave app
  25. 25. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 25@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Animoto Adobe Spark Video Flipagram – mobile app Lumen5 Turn articles into videos Video Creation Tools
  26. 26. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 26@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Move away from the Boost button Only 10% of total ad budget Post and promote more video Other optimal ad units: Carousel Canvas – immersive Lead Ads Facebook & Instagram ad tips
  27. 27. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 27@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Advanced Advertising Tips Sophisticated Advertiser vs. Newbie? Boost button = 10% of budget only KEY = use Ads Manager Install the Facebook Pixel Use Custom Audiences Include Lookalikes Objectives Start with video views Then Traffic, Conversion, Products, &/or Leads Your organic reach will increase!
  28. 28. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 28#MCSMN Messenger Are you integrating automation?
  29. 29. @MariSmith @MayoClinic 29#MCSMN
  30. 30. @MariSmith @MayoClinic 30#MCSMN
  31. 31. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 31@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 1.2 Billion monthly users 2 Billion messages between businesses & people each month Automated & human initiated 100,000+ monthly active Messenger bots 53% of people say they are more likely to do business with a business they can message Messenger Platform
  32. 32. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 32@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Messenger Bots Nurture relationships Build trust Enhance customer support Deliver FAQs more efficiently Leverage community managers
  33. 33. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 33@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Example – The Doctors Company
  34. 34. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN#MCSMN 34 Facebook’s Future A peek into upcoming developments
  35. 35. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 35@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Secret Building 8 Smart Speaker (like Amazon Echo) 360° Camera AR Brain-scanning Futuristic Wearables Smart glasses Sensor-laden necklace Drone Disruptive shopping experiences
  36. 36. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 36@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN
  37. 37. @MariSmith @MayoClinic 37#MCSMN
  38. 38. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 38@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Create more VIDEO content Broadcast using Facebook LIVE Build for MOBILE (square video) + Canvas Amplify reach & results using ADS MANAGER Integrate MESSENGER (consider a bot) Community & SERVICE will always prevail Summary
  39. 39. @MariSmith @MayoClinic 39#MCSMN
  40. 40. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN BRANDS MARI SMITH WORKS WITH include…  AAA  Acuity Insurance  Adobe  Allstate  Animoto  Arbonne  Beachbody  Bloomberg  Buffer  BuzzSumo  CafeMedia  Cision  Cisco  Facebook  Hootsuite  HubSpot  Infusionsoft  Kevin Murphy Hair  LS Retail  Marketo  Microsoft  NAMM  Nations Lending  Nu Skin  PNC Bank
  41. 41. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN 41@MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN Q&A  Facebook: @marismith Twitter: @marismith Instagram: @mari_smith LinkedIn: marismith Web: Connect with Mari:
  42. 42. @MariSmith @MayoClinic #MCSMN#MCSMN Resources Video Gear List – free PDF download