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Facebook LIVE Video Marketing - Part 3 of 4 CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS - with


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NEW Facebook Live Video Training! A free four-part series brought to you in partnership with! I am broadcasting live on my Facebook Page @MariSmith four Thursdays in a row each one at noon PT / 3pm ET.

Facebook Live Video Marketing – Talk Show Tips, Visuals & More
I showcase great examples as well as bringing on guests! If you’re looking to get started with your very own digital television talk show and get featured on Facebook’s new Watch platform, be sure to tune in for hot tips!!
See the live stream here:

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Facebook LIVE Video Marketing - Part 3 of 4 CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS - with

  1. 1. @MariSmith CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS by Mari Smith in Partnership with 1 PART 3 of 4 Facebook LIVE Video Marketing Talk Show Tips, Visuals & More!
  2. 2. @MariSmith #1. Prep & Gear Lighting, Mic, Camera & more #2. Content That Converts Which problems does your expertise solve? What’s your FOCUS? Hot topics = FOOD, fashion, DIY, humor Include CTA, run contests Messenger bot integration! Conversational commerce The fortune is in the follow up! 2 Part 1 & 2 – Brief Review
  3. 3. @MariSmith 3 Hot topics
  4. 4. @MariSmith So, you’d love to host your own talk show? 4
  5. 5. @MariSmith 5 How To with
  6. 6. @MariSmith 6 How To with
  7. 7. @MariSmith 7 How To with
  8. 8. @MariSmith 8 How To with
  9. 9. @MariSmith 9 Examples
  10. 10. @MariSmith 10 Examples
  11. 11. @MariSmith 11 Examples
  12. 12. @MariSmith Who is most likely to get featured on Watch? Blue check verified Well known, celebrity, public figure Large following Minimum 2,000 followers (profile or page) Weekly show (series, episodes) Well produced, quality, professional High audience retention Minimum 300 concurrent viewers 12 Facebook Watch Tips
  13. 13. @MariSmith The Dave Ramsey Show #AskGaryVee Guy Kawaski’s “Wise Guy” Top shows: Sports Reality TV Comedy Scripted Shows… 13 Examples
  14. 14. @MariSmith 14 Promotion
  15. 15. @MariSmith Show name Map out a series Facebook Page (Show Pages) Build followers, viewers Guests Brainstorm a long list! Don’t be afraid to approach people 15 Prep
  16. 16. @MariSmith 16 Summary 1. Plan for a regular SHOW. 2. Start using Talk Show format 3. Make an epic list of guests 4. Practice with in a private group and/or use testing mode.
  17. 17. @MariSmith Video Training Series 17 Facebook: @marismith Twitter: @marismith Instagram: @mari_smith LinkedIn: marismith Web: Part #1 of 4 PREPARATION & GEAR: Getting Started & Getting The Right Equipment Part #4 of 4 AMPLIFY REACH & RESULTS: How To Fully Optimize Your Broadcasts NEXT: Part #2 of 4 CONTENT THAT CONVERTS: What To Say, and How To Generate Leads & Sales Part #3 of 4 CONDUCTING INTERVIEWS: Talk Show Tips, Visuals & More!