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Facebook LIVE Video Marketing - Part 1 of 4 PREPARATION & GEAR - with


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NEW Facebook Live Video Training! A free four-part series brought to you in partnership with! I am broadcasting live on my Facebook Page @MariSmith four Thursdays in a row each one at noon PT / 3pm ET.

Facebook Live Video Marketing – Getting Started & Getting the Right Gear!
See the live stream here:

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Facebook LIVE Video Marketing - Part 1 of 4 PREPARATION & GEAR - with

  1. 1. @MariSmith PREPARATION & GEAR by Mari Smith in Partnership with 1 PART 1 of 4 Facebook LIVE Video Marketing Getting Started & Getting the Right Equipment
  2. 2. @MariSmith Facebook is moving into digital television Facebook Watch is here Are you ready? The rise of mobile Over half of video content is viewed on mobile 2 Facebook Live Growth
  3. 3. @MariSmith THUMB-stopping!!!! Craft for MAXIMUM SHARES “OMG, I must share this! Now!” Mari’s #1 Content Creation Tip
  4. 4. @MariSmith 4 Video will be a much bigger driver of what we’ll do over the next 2-3 years than Messenger and WhatsApp. ~Zuck FB Q2 2017 Earnings Call
  5. 5. @MariSmith Begin with the end in mind What is your CTA? Drive business!  Who is your Live broadcast for? What audience? What is the main theme/topic of your broadcast? Have you mapped out a series? Do you have your brand elements ready? Where else will you share your video? 5 Before you start…
  6. 6. @MariSmith Visit: 6 Live demo of app
  7. 7. @MariSmith 7 Choose your format
  8. 8. @MariSmith 8 Create compelling copy
  9. 9. @MariSmith 9 Add your branding
  10. 10. @MariSmith Special giveaway!!! Just COMMENT to enter I love live! Prizes Grand Prize: Mari Smith Live Video Kit 3 Runner Up Prizes: Smartphone Case Winners drawn at random on Saturday 9/2 at 12pm PT from all comments 10 WIN PRIZES!!
  11. 11. @MariSmith 11 Lighting Portable (mobile)? Rotolight Selfie ring light Studio? Ring light Tabletop light
  12. 12. @MariSmith 12 Microphone Portable/simple? Lav/lapel mic Studio Mari’s mic: Heil PR-40 Broadcast Quality Microphone Heil Microphone Shock Mount Fine Mesh Metal Screen Microphone Pop Filter Heil Heavy Duty Mic Boom Arm w/ C-Clamp Want your mic in frame or not? Headset/podcast mic vs. boom
  13. 13. @MariSmith Laptop/desktop built-in Webcam Logitech HD External DSLR Canon, Sony, etc. May need extra gear if your computer doesn’t have the required driver for your camera E.g. Black Magic Ultrastudio (Mini) Recorder 13 Camera
  14. 14. @MariSmith Smartphone case Tripod (portable) 14 More gear
  15. 15. @MariSmith What’s in your background/backdrop? Prep: Hair Makeup Accessories Outfit Vocal warmup 15 Backdrop, Grooming
  16. 16. @MariSmith 16 Summary 1. Just do it! Start somewhere… share your story. 2. Keep it as simple as possible at first. 3. For gear, focus on lighting first, then audio, then camera. 4. Practice with in a private group and/or use testing mode.
  17. 17. @MariSmith Video Training Series 17 Facebook: @marismith Twitter: @marismith Instagram: @mari_smith LinkedIn: marismith Web: Part #1 of 4 PREPARATION & GEAR: Getting Started & Getting The Right Equipment Part #2 of 4 CONTENT THAT CONVERTS: What To Say, and How To Generate Leads & Sales NEXT: