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Facebook Business Briefing with Mari Smith - March 2018


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The Future of Facebook: What Marketers Need To Know for 2018 and Beyond
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Facebook Business Briefing with Mari Smith - March 2018

  1. 1. à type ‘fast’ FACEBOOK BUSINESS BRIEFING The Future of Facebook: What Marketers Need To Know for 2018 and Beyond MARI SMITH – Premier Facebook Marketing Expert CEO, Mari Smith International, Inc.
  2. 2. à type ‘fast’ •Premier Facebook Marketing Expert •Hired by Facebook & Fortune 500 Companies •Globetrotting Speaker •Brand AmbassadorMARI SMITH
  3. 3. à type ‘fast’ • 70M business • 6M advertisers
  4. 4. à type ‘fast’ Meet Andrew, Epic Mortgage Guy
  6. 6. à type ‘fast’
  7. 7. à type ‘fast’ THIS is what Facebook is focused on… • Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu – LOOK OUT! • M! Conversational Commerce • Groups, groups, groups = meaningful social interaction • Hello Instagram! • Yo, what’s up, WhatsApp?
  8. 8. à type ‘fast’ WATCH. VIDEO.
  9. 9. à type ‘fast’
  10. 10. à type ‘fast’ Facebook TV
  11. 11. à type ‘fast’ FIVE FACEBOOK VIDEO FACTORS “We identified five factors related to the rise of online video viewing” Smartphones Shorter attention spans Binge-watching Importance of context Thrill of novelty
  12. 12. à type ‘fast’ A recent eye- tracking study shows people gaze FIVE times longer at video than static content on Facebook & Instagram.
  13. 13. à type ‘fast’ Increased investment in original content • The big 3 SVOD increased investment in content from $5.5Bn to $13Bn in four years • Netflix to spend up to $8bn in 2018 with the aim of making half its catalog original series
  14. 14. à type ‘fast’ Increase in number of digital original shows • Amazon is top • Netflix playing catch up • Apple Music & Facebook Watch now on the map • YouTube Red increasing
  15. 15. à type ‘fast’ Increase in exclusive streaming rights Golden Globes Red Carpet Pre-Party India Premier Cricket League Facebook bid $600M Winning bid went to Rupert Murdoch’s Star at $2.6Bn
  16. 16. à type ‘fast’ WHY IS ALL THIS IMPORTANT?
  17. 17. à type ‘fast’ VIDEO AD BREAKS New (CHEAP!) television ads 5-15 seconds Pre-roll and in-stream video ads
  18. 18. à type ‘fast’ not a ‘buy my stuff’ copywriter. Think more like a SCREENWRITER,
  19. 19. à type ‘fast’ Facebook Watch – got your show? • Facebook is favoring CREATORS • Facebook Live Producer is coming • Episodic content • Apply at:
  20. 20. à type ‘fast’ Meet Lara, Animal Trainer
  21. 21. à type ‘fast’ 43% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. ~Buffer
  22. 22. à type ‘fast’ How my winners are winning! • Right strategy • Right tools • Right templates • Right content • Right targeting • Right engagement
  23. 23. à type ‘fast’ Meet Adriana, Romance Author
  24. 24. à type ‘fast’
  25. 25. à type ‘fast’ Meet Lori, The Produce Moms
  26. 26. à type ‘fast’ Meet Whitney, Food Blogger
  27. 27. à type ‘fast’ Meet Nancy, Ladybug Wreaths
  28. 28. à type ‘fast’ Facebook’s #1 Focus for Ads • All ads must DRIVE BUSINESS • Metrics vs. Results
  29. 29. à type ‘fast’ MESSENGER Marketers may ruin…
  30. 30. à type ‘fast’ Conversational commerce • It’s all about how you make people FEEEEEEEEL!
  31. 31. à type ‘fast’ “A sale isn’t made until a conversation is started. Marketers need to focus on creating conversations, not leads. Conversations create revenue.” David Cancel, CEO Drift
  32. 32. à type ‘fast’ “Content is King… but Engagement is Queen and she rules the house.”~ Mari Smith
  33. 33. à type ‘fast’ Messenger groups as: • Engagement Pods • Mastermind • Peer support network, sharing, coaching
  34. 34. à type ‘fast’ chatbot
  35. 35. à type ‘fast’ Mari’s Motto • Relationships first, • Business second.
  36. 36. à type ‘fast’ What’s up, WhatsApp?!
  37. 37. à type ‘fast’ FACEBOOK COMMUNITIES
  38. 38. à type ‘fast’ Meet Joey, Indie Law
  39. 39. à type ‘fast’ Meet Ursula, Team Grit
  40. 40. à type ‘fast’ The Future is Relationships • Focus on your community managers • Moderators, relationship builders • Teach best practices for community engagement
  41. 41. à type ‘fast’ FACEBOOK’S WELLBEING INITATIVE
  42. 42. à type ‘fast’
  43. 43. à type ‘fast’
  44. 44. à type ‘fast’ Here's How To Increase Your Reach, Results and Revenue with VIDEO on Facebook! Details at: Or go to & enter fast Level 1 FAST Facebook Results On-demand training BONUS: Get 3 months free Inner Circle membership! Level 2 FAST Facebook Results Video training + PLUS 12-weeks *live* coaching BONUS: Get 12 months free Inner Circle membership! SPECIAL INVITATION!