Mariska du preez | marketing engineer


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Mariska du preez | marketing engineer

  1. 1. Mariska du Preez Marketing Engineer focusing on networking, connecting people, organising events and innovation. Woman of Wines. 082 564 7714 ” Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world. It beats money and power and influence. It is no more or less than faith in action. " - Henry Chester
  2. 2. Accomplishments: * Deputy Head Girl * Editor: School newspaper * Chairperson: Music, Art and Drama * Head: Matric Farewell committee Passionate | Driven | Fun | Innovative Spirit | Hard-working | Conscientious Leadership | Talented | Blessed | Visionary Childhood and High School: Stellenbosch
  3. 3. Booking Agent: Mercury Live Launch *M Promotions: Band management, event organising, PR Gap Year: Cape Town & Europe
  4. 4. Final Year subjects: Leadership Postitions: * Marketing Management Class representative for 314, 324, 344, 354 3rd year Marketing class * Industrial Psychology 314, 324, 348 * Financial Management 314 * Information Management 344 * Strategic Management 344 Other activities: Maties Golf committee Academic qualifications: B.Comm (Business Management)
  5. 5. Honours subjects: Leadership Postitions: * International Business Chairperson of Faculty of * Research Methodology Economic and Management Sciences’ * International Marketing student organisation * Advanced Marketing Management * Advanced Strategic Management * Business Management * Marketing Communication Academic qualifications: B.Comm (Honours)
  6. 6. Job title: Marketing Officer Indutech is a business engineering company specialising in innovation management. The company is made up of industrial engineers, software developers and other innovative individuals who work towards creating a competitive advantage for Indutech's clients. The company has close ties with Stellenbosch University, local and international research institutes and local and international businesses. Job title: Owner *mdp marketing is a strategic marketing consultancy specialising in marketing, design and publicity. marketing marketing strategy, customer relationship management, branding strategy, online marketing. Design: corporate image development, newsletters, websites. Publicity: events, personal branding, public relations. Job title: Partner, Events and Design, Marketing Specialist Van Pepper Wines, formed by three wine-crazy individuals, is a young, innovative company based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We offer our clients: * Exquisite wines that we brand for you or your company * Wine tastings to connect with clients, colleagues and friends | * Wine based experiences Mariska, the Woman of Wines, is the creative force and marketing specialist for Van Pepper Wines and she also heads up the events and design division of Van Pepper. Work Experience
  7. 7. Founder and Chairperson Stellenbosch Young Professionals Network The SYPN is a group for 20-35 year old professionals living and/or working in Stellenbosch. SYPN gets together once a month to network, socialise and share ideas. The objective of the SYPN is to connect people, create a platform where great business contacts can be made, and develop the skills and expertise of its members. Co-founding Partner and Marketing Specialist UNiiQ | Driving Opportunity UNiiQ is a network of young and motivated professionals offering specialised expertise and one-stop services to start-up and small companies. Through UNiiQ, start-ups and small companies are able to leverage the power of a professional network previously inaccessible and unaffordable to them. Community Project Co-ordintaor: Ilizwi lo Lutsha Mission: To investigate, report and teach the youth of Kayamandi about the issues that affects us negatively and positively, these could be local, national and global issues. Vision: To be the leading community newsletter that reports undiluted news about Kayamandi to the world. Partnerships and Initiatives
  8. 8. Computer Skills
  9. 9. Online Presence
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  11. 11. Refreshingly authentic Scientifically innovative Brutally honest Diligently hardworking Fabulously poised Core Values
  12. 12. Organising committee: TEDx Stellenbosch: Aug 2010 Brightest Young Minds: 2010 Greatest accomplishments…
  13. 13. Things I love…
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