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1000kgs black garlic fermenting machine data


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Black garlic fermenting machine of Creekbay data, 1000kgs fermenting machine instruction, prized black garlic fermenting machine supplier

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1000kgs black garlic fermenting machine data

  1. 1. 1000kgs black garlic fermenting machine data Prized Feature: First of all, it is a automated black garlic fermenting machine with humanized design, this is one of special points of creekbay black garlic machine. Also, due to the material we use SAE 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistance, for the reason that we receive many good feedback from our clients. Furthermore, double door with full closure. Finally, small glass widow be designed to the effect that let you check black garlic without opening door.
  2. 2. Black Garlic Fermenting Machine Instruction: Dimension: 4000cm by 1700cm by 1900cm (this is only the dimension of 1000kgs, others machine size will not the same) Machine material: corrosion resistance food standard material (316 and 304) Trays: 500pcs Power: 6KW Electricitny: 380V/220/110 Guarantee: 12 months Contral Panel: Microcomputer, English System Ferment Technology: humidity and temperature,we will teach your staff Market: This Black Garlic Fermenting Machine 1000KGS Aimed At The One Who Decide To Develop Black Garlic Market, Or Using By Factories, Farms, People Who Want to Make High-Quality, Hight-Volume Production Of Black Garlic.
  3. 3. There are many factors that cause the quality of machine, This is a machine with high technical. Find the right black garlic fermenter for your factory or farm, the best way to find the right solution for you is to come in and meet with an expert for a free consultation, Understanding your requirement of fermenter is the first step in build your black garlic business.