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Pitmaker Team 2011 World\'s Championship BBQ Contest


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Last opportuniy to buy your tickets to be part of the Pitmaket Team... Award winning food, BIGGEST tent, best live music, best DJ\'s!!! Call me 281-748-0804.

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Pitmaker Team 2011 World\'s Championship BBQ Contest

  1. 1. Worlds Championship Bar-B-Que Contest Smoke your target! February 24-26, 2011
  2. 2. Worlds Championship Bar-B-Que Contest• The world’s largest livestock show has to be able to feed huge crowds! The Lone Star State hosts a colossal, Texas-sized picnic to launch the annual event!• Just as the rodeo competitors hone their riding skills and shine their buckles, several hundred others are polishing their culinary tools and preparing to heat up their own winning run at glory! The Worlds Championship Bar-B-Que Contest is three days of cooking, competition, eating and dancing. The sweet aroma drifts over the Houston metropolis, drawing crowds like bees to honey as a record 221,229 guests joined the feast in 2010.• While the camaraderie is fun and festive, the judging is all business as teams vie for the coveted title of World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest Grand Champion. Trophies are awarded to teams preparing the best dish in each category (brisket, chicken and spare ribs) as well as an overall winner.• Awards also are presented to the most colorful team, the team with the cleanest area, the most unique pit and the team with the best skit. Go Texan teams are honored for best barbecue and most colorful team. Recycling awards and the new Dutch Oven dessert award also are presented. Picture and text source:
  3. 3. 2010 Award Winning Team!• 2010 Houston Live Stock and Rodeo World Championship BBQ Cook-off! 1st Place Ribs and Grand Champion Overall.• 2010 San Antonio Rodeo BBQ Cook-off with 239 Teams Competing! 1st Place Brisket, 9th and 10th Ribs.• 2010 Humble Rodeo BBQ Cook-off with 103 Teams Competing! 1st Place Brisket, 1st-3rd Place Ribs, and 3rd Place Chicken.• Grand Champion at the 2010 Wild Game BBQ Cook-off First Responders Annual BBQ Cook-off against 92 teams! 1st Place Brisket and 3rd Place Ribs with one team and 3rd Place Chicken and 6th Place Ribs with another.• 2010 American Royal National BBQ Cook-off in Kansas City! 499 teams, 1st Place Ribs, 7th, and 9th Place Sausage! Finished 21st, 60th, and 70th Overall out of the 499 teams competing.
  4. 4. Team-Up with the Champion!• Exposure and sampling of your products to more than 50K people every day• Media coverage• Opportunity to invite your clients and VIP’s to enjoy this exclusive event.• Spacious Structural 80 X 80 Tent covering four spots, #’s 114, 115, 116 and 117• Champion Level BBQ and Food Prepared on Award Winning Pitmaker Smokers and Grills.• Full Bar and Ice Cold Beer• Tequila Bar serving Margaritas and Shots!• Live Bands and DJ every day!
  5. 5. Schedule• Feb. 24th, Thursday Sponsor Night—Steak andShrimp!• Feb. 25h, Friday Night—BBQ and Party• Feb. 26th, Saturday Night—BBQ and BiggerParty and Celebration!
  6. 6. Contact Information• For more information about the Pitmaker Team, the cook off competition event, and sponsorship please contact:Pilar• For more information about Pitmaker and pictures of past events visit