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Hellenic Intiative Pilot 2


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Hellenic Intiative Pilot 2

  1. 1. “ I n ord er to succeed , we m ust first believe that we can.” ― N ikos Kazantzakis
  2. 2. E very Greek is a am bassad or for Greece.
  3. 3. “ I f youre not actively involved in gettingwhat you want, you d ont really want it.” ― P eter McWilliam s
  4. 4. Young and old we all have a role to p lay.
  5. 5. “ When the P atriots cause succeed s,the tim id join him , for then it costs nothing to be a p atriot.” ― Mark Twain
  6. 6. How can I help? We are seeking p eop le with the below skills.• F und raising• Marketing• E vent O rganizer’s• Ad m inistration• N etworking• Med ia
  7. 7. Contact inform ation? • E m ail us at info@ hellenicd em • P lease call 042 5 67 32 8 between 9am to 5 p m Mond ay – F rid ay. • S tay up to d ate with current events by joining us on F ace book.