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Unalaska, Aleutian islands


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Unalaska, Aleutian islands

  1. 1. Unalaska and the Aleutian islands - across time zones That remoteness is also the source of their income: fabulous fisheries, mainly crab and halibut.. The Aleutian Islands are a streched archipelago of volcanic islands that reach far into the Bering sea.
  2. 2. The islands have frequently changed sovereignty, but they were integrated in U.S.Alaska in 1867. The main settlement is Unalaska / Dutch Harbour, a bustling community of about 4,000 residents located along the Aleutian Chain, approximately 800 miles southwest of Anchorage Unalaska's economy is based on commercial fishing, fish processing, fleet services, and transportation. Because it is centrally located in the North Pacific directly on shipping routes between the West Coast and Pacific Rim nations, the city enjoys a strategic position near the center of the nation's most productive fishing grounds and is the hub of the transshipment of cargo between Pacific Rim trading partners
  3. 3. Dutch Harbor, the official name of the city's port, is connected by the Amaknak bridge to the community center on Unalaska Island.
  4. 4. Most of the islands are uninhabitated but have splendid sceneries for the visitor, especially when seen from tehe air.
  5. 5. In winter, access by sea can be tricky or impossible, depending on the freezing of the Bering Sea; U.S coast guard and russian icebreakers often help.
  6. 6. Frequent air flights are the more common means of transport to and from continental Alaska.
  7. 7. Dutch Harbor, the official name of the city's port, is often applied to the portion of the City of Unalaska located on Amaknak Island, which is connected by bridge to the rest of the community on Unalaska Island
  8. 8. Viewed from above, Unalaska, the Dutch Harbour and the large bay.
  9. 9. 1 2 3 1 - wooden foot bridge 2 – Cathedral 3 – Amaknak Bridge to Dutch Harbour
  10. 10. 4 4 – Grand Aleutian Hotel
  11. 11. Unalaska is located at 53 53′20″N, 166 31′38″W
  12. 12. Nine thousand years ago, the Unangan people, ancestors of the Aleuts, settled here and throughout the Aleutian Islands. Russian explorers arrived in 1759 and the Russian influence has remained strong ever since..
  13. 13. The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Ascension, built in 1896, is the oldest cathedral in Alaska
  14. 14. Started in 1826 under Father Veniaminov (St. Innocent), the current structure was completed only 70 years later.
  15. 15. By the 1990's, the cathedral had become so deteriorated that it was place on the American Heritage Most Endangered List. In 1996, the church was extensively renovated and many of the icons have been restored.
  16. 16. Some bald eagle is always sitting on top of the cathedral’s crosses over the ognions.
  17. 17. Another historic house is the Bishop's House, built in San Francisco, dismantled and shipped to Unalaska in 1882
  18. 18. There are no native trees in the Aleutians, as they are above the arctic Tree Line; some planted ones resist as they can….
  19. 19. Unalaska bay, with the church far right
  20. 20. The view from the bay front
  21. 21. • Dutch Harbour
  22. 22. The Amaknak bridge from Unalaska to the Harbour
  23. 23. Commercial fishing is the main part of the local economy and, for the 16th year in a row, they are the No. 1 fishing port in the nation for seafood landings, mainly king crab. Today Unalaska and the International Port of Dutch Harbour have also become a destination for fishers and birders.
  24. 24. Bald eagles abound and several can be seen even in a short stay.
  25. 25. The ships and their crew are the true stars and heroes in Dutch Harbour.
  26. 26. Many of the fishing vessels became famous in the TV Discovery documental series “Deadliest Catch”.
  27. 27. Names like the Bering Rose,
  28. 28. The Time Bandit,
  29. 29. • Built in 1991, Gidding Boat Works • gross tons-196 • Home port is Juneau, Alaska • Hull is iron/steel/alloy
  30. 30. CORNELIA MARIE • Built in 1989 in Alabama • Home port is Kodiak, Alaska • Gross tons-298, net tons-89
  31. 31. The Aleutian Ballad
  32. 32. THE NORTHWESTERN • Built in 1977 in Seattle, Washington • Gross tons is 197/net tons is 134 • The Northestern is made of iron/steel/alloy
  33. 33. These trawlers’ crew often risk their lifes in the Bering sea tempests; a season of catch can be exhausting.
  34. 34. Huge king salmon and monster trophy halibut weighing to 400-plus pounds call the area home for good reason – an endless supply of food and wilderness waterways and because of their close proximity to two major bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. Unalaska / Dutch Harbor is home of the world record halibut, 459 pounds, caught in 1996 just ten minutes from the dock.
  35. 35. Easy…
  36. 36. • Unalaska town / comunity center
  37. 37. “Sheila s B&B” 1897 house on main st.
  38. 38. Amelia's Restaurant This is a working man's restaurant and you'll see mechanics in grease covered overalls, fisherman (usually not smelly), local business people, and tourists. They come for the food - it must be great!
  39. 39. Inside Amelia’s
  40. 40. The Elbow Room, once called the second-most- dangerous bar on the planet. Unalaska recently bid farewell to one of the most storied drinking establishments in modern Alaskan history. It used to be called the Elbow Room, a notorious bar that was synonymous with the high- rolling, often violent culture of Bering Sea crab fishing in the late 70s and early 80s. It was renamed Latitudes in its final years
  41. 41. Latitudes Now the bar closed its doors once and for all
  42. 42. The foot bridge
  43. 43. Isaalux bridge (meaning “safe crossing”) goes over a little stream to the library
  44. 44. The library
  45. 45. • Museum of the Aleutians •
  46. 46. The museum is a must see for both locals and visitors. Perhaps the best small town museum in Alaska, it has a great archaeology collection, Unangan crafts, WWII memoriabilia, and historical displays.
  47. 47. The large collection of Aleut baskets, just recently expanded by a generous donation from the Ounalashka Corporation. Aleut basketry is renowned for it's intricate weaving.
  48. 48. Aleut hat of walrus whiskers
  49. 49. Aleutian WWII National Historic Area Visitor Center focuses on the Aleutian Campaign of WWII, the bombing of Dutch Harbor by the Japanese in 1942, the relocation of the Unangan people
  50. 50. WWII bunker
  51. 51. Also part of the Center, the bunkers, tunnels and remaining WWII structures up at Fort Swatka on Mount Ballyhoo are available for viewing. The view of the Bering Sea from up there is a favorite
  52. 52. WWII Bunker
  53. 53. The Grand Aleutian Hotel 4 star hotel in remote Alaska
  54. 54. Animal life of the Aleutians
  55. 55. The elegant but unfriendly aleutian tern
  56. 56. The blond fox, a frequent visit
  57. 57. • Around Unalaska
  58. 58. Akutan Island is one of the eastern Aleutian Islands. approximately 30 km (18 mi) in length. It contains the Mount Akutan volcano, which had a major lava eruption in 1979. Akutan village church
  59. 59. The volcanic ring
  60. 60. The Pavlov sisters Mount Pavlov is 2519 m high .
  61. 61. Mount Pavlov
  62. 62. Last eruptions: 1990, 1996, 2007… Pavlov is the most active volcano of the Aleutian arc
  63. 63. Mount Shishaldin, aleutian chain Recent eruptions: 2008, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1997…
  64. 64. Mt Shishaldin is a moderately active volcano on Unimak Island with nearly 40 historic eruptions, which have been brief and explosive. The most symmetrical cone-shaped glacier covered large mountain on earth, the volcano's topographic contour lines are nearly perfect circles above 6 500 feet
  65. 65. Coast landscape Coastal landscape
  66. 66. © Mário Ricca, 2010 Sources: