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Gamification in Human Resources - Examples


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Engaging employees and finding the right matches is a crucial task for human resources. This slide deck compiles a number of examples of how gamification is used in areas from recruiting, onboarding, and career development.

These and many more examples can be found in the book "Gamification in Human Resources" by Mario Herger, available on Amazon.

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Gamification in Human Resources - Examples

  1. 1. Human Resources Examples ENTERPRISE GAMIFICATION @mherger
  2. 2. The following gamification examples and many more are discussed in the book Gamification in Human Resources by Mario Herger Enterprise Gamification Volume 3 98 pages Published: August 2014 ISBN-10: 1500567140 ISBN-13: 978-1500567149 Available on Amazon
  3. 3. Formaposte: Jeu Facteur Academy (Recruiting)
  4. 4. Zao (Social Recruiting)
  5. 5. CanYouCrackIt? (Recruiting)
  6. 6. Technikqueens (Recruiting)
  7. 7. Developer Auction (Recruiting)
  8. 8. GraviTalent (Recruiting)
  9. 9. SAP Career City Program (Onboarding)
  10. 10. Peoplefluent (Talent Management)
  11. 11. SAP HiFli / Mindtickle (Career Development)
  12. 12. LinkedIn (Career Development)
  13. 13. TopCoder (Career Development)
  14. 14. All books available on Amazon!
  15. 15. Gamification Book Bundle 5 PDFs, 800 pages, 300 examples
  16. 16. Keep Gamifying! Enterprise Gamification Enterprise Gamification Wiki Gamification Decision Engine Octalysis @mherger