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Englishportfolio by mario cañadas

  1. 1. MY ENGLISH PORFOLIO AT IES PART A 1ª EVALUACIÓN Fill in the following information about you and your experience with English . Don´t forget to save it for future reference . INSERT YOUR PHOTOMy name is marioI was born on mutxamelI am 16 years old.I come fromThis year, I am studyindg 4º of esoI’ve studied English since 2003I can speak sapnish and english and valenciano tooMY ENGLISH LEVEL (my opinion)(Choose among GOOD, AVERAGE, BAD. )Listening AVERAGEReading GOODSpeaking GOODWriting AVERAGESpeaking GOODCommunication GOOD
  2. 2. MY ENGLISH LEVEL (my initial evaluation results)ListeningReadingSpeakingWritingSpeakingCommunicationMY EXPERIENCE WITH THE ENGLISH LANGUAGEI have studied English in ies allusser and arbre blanc schoolWhere I live, there aren´t/are English speaking people who come from eeuuI have friends from (which countries?) yes two of united statesI have lived in (which places?) spain (mutxamel) MY FAVOURITE ENGLISH SPEAKING ...Actors are adam sandlerActresses are jennifer anniston, lea michele, cameron diaz, nicole kidmanWriters are I dont met anyoneSongs are californication of red hot chilli peppersFilms are 50 first dates, sigueme el rollo,Dishes are cookies and macdonaldsHolidays are -Sportspersons are nothing
  3. 3. I SPEAK WITH ENGLISH SPEAKERSCircle the correct one.(0 %) (100%)Never Rarely Sometimes Often AlwaysWHERE do you usually speak with native speakers?Name the places or situations where or when you speak English. If you never speak English, try toimagine where or when you might use it.I speak english in spain when kaylin go to high school allusserI speak english with my aunt that she lives all the time in a boat and only speakenglish and russianWHAT´S MY INITIAL LEVEL?Take this level test to determine what´s your level
  4. 4. ACCORDING TO THE TEST, MY INITIAL LEVEL ISBeginner A1Elementary A2 ThisPre-intermediate B1Intermediate B2Upper-Intermediate C1Advanced C2 PART B 2ª EVALUACIÓN PUT IN THE CORRECT ORDER What is easier for you? Number from 1 (the easiest) to 7 (the most difficult). Add a reason why you made your choices. Speaking 1 Reading 2 Writing 3 Understanding 7 Grammar 5 Vocabulary 6 Pronunciation 4 WHAT DO YOU THINK IS MORE IMPORTANT TO GET A BETTER ENGLISH? Number from 1 to 10 and give examples of the activities you have done. Watching tv programmes, videos and films ( 8 ) grunhod day futurama others Having a private teacher ( 10 ) I go to el cami academy
  5. 5. Reading graded readers ( 0) Listening to songs and recordings in English ( 7 ) all my songs are singed inenglish Speaking with a native person in English ( 6 ) with kaylin and rosslyn Doing exercises on your notebook or textbook ( 10 )always in english Participating in chats ( 4 ) I dont be in a english chatDoing webquests and projects ( 8 )my trip to belfast, my english portfolio and othersWorking on websites with interactive exercises ( 5 ) when the class go to read a book in a computer
  6. 6. What English level do you want to achieve?Ask your teacher and circle, cross or underline the level A1 A2- I think B1 B2 C1 C2 that is itMY TASKS FOR THE PORTFOLIOChoose 5 tasks or activities and make a summary of them or copy them to be included in yourportfolio. Try to choose different types and don´t forget to include the ones you are particularlyproud of.My experience with englishMy trip to belfastMy C.VA biography of my favourite famous My early life